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What do you think would've happened in season 2?

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    [1]Jun 14, 2007
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    Here we can discuss possibilities about season 2 and what could've been.

    Bella and her dad keeps the garage and decides to stay after all. Bella and Sean are getting closer but so is Scout and things get even more complicated when Bella finds out that Mr. Calhoun isn't her father. Who will she choose?

    Will and Caroline gets serious... and more drama with Will and him trying to fit in the school and get along with his family.

    Jake(returning to school)and Hamilton will become public and get ridiculed a lot. Because of that, Hamilton will ask for space or something and Jake will get mad and break-up with him. During the break-up, a gay guy is going to try to get with Hamiliton and so will one try to get with Jake. Mostly just funny storylines until they get back together.

    What do you guys think would've happened?

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    [2]Jun 22, 2007
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    Season 2 - They all get on a plane and crash on an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and become The OTHERS.
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    [3]Jun 23, 2007
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    Was that a LOST reference? I wouldn't know because I only watched the show like once or twice.
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    [4]Jan 21, 2008
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    I don't know what would happen, but I disagree with anyone who criticizes season one!! It was perfect! *smiles dreamily*, a hundred times better than DC! Jake and Hamilton would possibly have a bit of a time ruffing it when they get back, but you forget Jake would be in the girl's school so all she'd get is admiration! But they were definitely destined anyway. Scott and Bella would reunite and her summer boyfriend would drift away again, finding someone else (perhaps Bella's sister would have become more responsible and appealing!). I definitely think that Bella's mum will try to sell the garage, but something will interrupt that.. Ohhh... Why wasn't this series continued? It's one of my favorite!
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    [5]Mar 27, 2008
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    ok. so i wrote this script myself. its not done, im still working on it. but i would love your opinions. i am concentrating the most on jake and hamilton's relationship. p.s. be kind.

    this will probably be the first scene. its kinda rough so bare with me here.

    Here we are, back at Rawley Academy, for another fun-filled summer. The shot goes through the whole campus. Then, goes outside towards the front of the school. We see Hamilton. Standing outside and looking around. He is looking for Jake/Jacqueline. Then, he hears something. He looks over to the road and sees a car pull up. A girl gets out but he keeps looking for Jake. Then, the girl starts walking towards him. As she gets closer, Hamilton realizes its Jake. She looks so different. Her hair is to her shoulders now, straight and choppy, and she is wearing a tight little tank top which hugs her in all the right places. Her jeans are fitted as well, and she's wearing all star converse. Her lips are pink and kissable, which he had rarely ever seen on her. As she approaches him, they are silent and in aw of one another.

    Jake makes the first move and leans in and hugs Hamilton. They hold each other for a minute and then finally separate.

    Hamilton: You never called me.

    Jake: I know, but I didn't end up going to New York, so--

    Hamilton: --Well, where did you go?

    Jake: My mom decided to take me with her to all her performances, and I didn't have your number and-

    Hamilton: Oh. Well, I guess that makes sense.

    Jake: I'm sorry I didn't call you, I really wanted to, trust me, I just didn't have any way.

    Some more awkward silence.

    Hamilton: So, uummm, they let you back in?

    Jake: Oh, yeah. I'm going to Rawley Girls now.

    Hamilton pauses.

    Hamilton: I missed you.

    Jake smiles flirtingly.

    Jake: I missed you too.

    Hamilton steps closer to her, and takes her hands in his.

    Hamilton: Did I tell you how beautiful you look?

    Jake laughs.

    Jake: No, I don't think you did.

    Hamilton pulls her in and they share their first kiss after a very long year. It was perfect, until it is interrupted by Scout and Will.

    Will: Hamilton!

    Hamilton: ---Will....

    Jake is looking at Will likes he's a total idiot.

    Will: What are you doing!

    Hamilton: --Will...

    Scout thinks it's another girl too, but is standing there watching Will.

    Will: What about Jake? I thought you guys were totally in love and now your---

    Hamilton and Jake: WILL!!!!!!

    Will: Wait how do you know my name and----

    Jake is looking at Will and Scout, and they finally realize it's her. They are both completely stunned.

    Scout: Oh my god, Jake (pause), your----

    Jake: A girl?

    Scout and Will: Yeah.

    They all start laughing.

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    [6]Apr 20, 2008
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    i think thats a totally cute idea, i love how scout and will were so protective over jake. my vision for a season 2 is scout and bella finlly finding out they are not brother and sister and giving into temptation, lots of jake hamilton drama and possibly will deciding to write a novel about the brief time he shares with his friends at Rawley, these days at least one character has to document the goings on of a teen drama.
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