Young Americans

Season 1 Episode 3

Kiss and Tell

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 26, 2000 on The WB
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Kiss and Tell
The feminine balance is thrown off with the arrival of Paige Bennett, a beautiful, sophisticated new student at Rawley Girls Academy who Bella likes in spite of herself. Paige is unabashedly in romantic pursuit of Scout, whom she's known since they were kids, and may be successful at turning his head away from his forbidden love with Bella. Meanwhile, Will has a run-in with a trouble-making upperclassman Ryder that lands him in deep trouble with Finn, and Hamilton and Jake find themselves in a confusing competition over a girl.moreless

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  • Why the hell was this cancelled?! It's such a great show, and should have been allowed to stay on, I really think they should all get together and carry on! :Pmoreless

    This episode shows Bella without her usual grease and grime, in a beautiful dress. The tension between her and Scout is palpable, but Paige and Shaun make good second places in Bella and Scout's eyes. Jake and Hamilton, finally, with the help of Lena, come to terms with what they feel about each other, with Hamilton's confession of 'We're gay!'. Jake has no choice but to tell Hamilton the truth about his situation and that he's really a girl, with a heartfelt confession, which, in turn, makes Hamilton storm out. The episode ends with everyone not with the person they should be with; Shaun and Bella, Paige and Scout, and Jake and Hamilton alone, but apart.moreless
  • Fine example of why I find Ryder incredibly annoying...

    Gosh, Ryder is the worst. He's so mean! In Kiss and Tell, Ryder gets Will in big trouble by talking about Finn's affair with the Dean's wife. Will of course tries to protect Finn, by sneaking into the Dean's office to get the tape that Ryder discussed the affair on. Poor Will is caught, and thought to be stealing the camera.

    I am a bit confused by why Paige is introduced so late in the series. She's a good actress, and I sorta wish she was introduced sooner, like in the pilot. I do really applaud Scout for not waiting around for Bella. He pushes himself to get over her, and knows that Paige is a really cool girl. This episode left me really hoping they could be together for a long time.moreless
Cyndi Johnson

Cyndi Johnson

Paige Bennett

Guest Star

Naomi Kline

Naomi Kline


Guest Star

Kathleen Bridget Kelly

Kathleen Bridget Kelly

Kate Fleming

Guest Star

Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry

Sean McGrail

Recurring Role

John Driscoll

John Driscoll


Recurring Role

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    • Will: (to Scout) This is why they don't give whipped cream cans to kids.

    • Will: When I was little I had this idea that life could be perfect, that if you were careful enough, you'd never make a mistake, never be lonely, never be misunderstood, never be frightened. But it doesn't work that way. Life is big and messy and you just have to climb in it with your boots on and hope for the best. Like Thoreau said, heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. And at the end of the day, I have to say, I still feel pretty lucky to be here.

    • Jake: I hope you understand, and I hope you know how deeply impressed I am that you had the courage to do this, because I sure wouldn't.
      Lena: I should have listened to Hamilton. He said this was a bad idea.
      Jake: He did?
      Lena: Yeah, I think he was jealous.
      Jake: I guess he likes you.
      Lena: No, I think he likes you.
      Jake: What?

    • Paige: I like you Scout... I'm just telling you because I don't believe in wasting time, yours or mine. Are you just not interested in me?

    • Will: (to Finn) So now, you're the one with the moral dilemma. You're the one with all of the learning, the lectures, the philosophy. You're the grown-up. You go and decide what's right and wrong.

    • Hamilton: You're a guy. She likes you. Go for it.
      (Once Hamilton is out of earshot)
      Jake: What isn't wrong with this picture?

    • Paige: (to Bella) He's a 15 year old guy sitting in a car with a girl at a drive in. There's either someone else in the picture or he's been hurt during the war. And there's been no war.

    • Paige: (to Scout) Are you at least gonna kiss me?

    • Lena: (to Hamilton) You've gotta tell me everything. Do you think he likes me? I thought I got those vibes, but am I confusing signals? He's so hard to read. But that's kind of what I like about him.

    • Lena: You know, you look exactly like my ex-boyfriend.
      Jake: I hope that's a compliment.

    • Scout: (referring to Paige) She's a friend of the family.
      Bella: You don't have to say that.
      Scout: I know.
      Bella: I think she likes you. So you should ask her out.
      Scout: You don't have to say that.
      Bella: I know.

    • Will: (opening voiceover) Maybe it's because I'm young. Maybe it's because it's summer. Maybe it's because I'm at Rawley. There are some days you just feel so lucky to where you are, when you are, and who you are, and you can't help wondering if everyone else feels as lucky as you do.

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