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  • Not a spin off to Dawson's Creek, but a decent cast


    Well for a spin off to Daawson's Creek it was not a spin off. Will Krudski was never mentioned in the first 3 seasons and once he left the show after 3 episodes he wasn't mentioned again. The cast was decent, Will was a good main character, he was likeable but no Pacey Witter. Kate Bosworth did a good job as playing Bella, the pretty, innocent townie. Idk why everyone is obsessed with Jake and HAmilton. Jake was ok. She was kind of messed up from my point of view...a girl who dresses up as a boy to get attention from her mother and then doesnt tell the boy she likes that shes a girl. it was weird. Hamilton, Ian Somerholder of course is very attractive, but this part did not suit him as well as Boone from Lost or Damon from Vampire Diaries. Scout was just ok, but I much preferred Sean, played by Matt Czuchry.'

    Scout and Bella find out they are siblings and yet they continue to like each other. This part of the show is so bad anddisturbing.They know eachother for a week and ok they fall for each other.But as soon as they find out they should be repulsed by the idea. It is incredibly disturbing that they continue to like each other. That was a bad idea. I know if I found that out I would be so creeped out and immediately lose feelings for him.

    The idea of the show with the whole townie versus the Rawley people is a good idea but they could have used better writing and less dramatic,more realistic storylines.

    Overall its worth watching but only if you have extra time on your hands

  • Niiiice.

    It's a good show, with a good and already used idea, you know, the masked boy-girl, meaning jake (jaqueline). i think this is the new stuff that the show has to offer and what makes it special is the fact that it's believable, jake looks like a dude, and it's understandable how hamilton thinks so too. ok it's not worthy of a nobel prize but it's fun! the acting is good, i think and the story is interesting. it's fresh, its length is not tiresome and let's face it, the guys are hot! all in all, a really nice show!
  • Ian as Hamilton and both Kates, as 'Jake' and Bella, made this show worth watching. Rodney was tolerable and Mark was just annoying. There were cringeworthy parts, looking back, but far more often, I see where the formula was right and I miss this show.

    Putting Ian and Kate M together was excellent casting. That kind of chemistry is hard to fake. The storyline of Jake and Ham is still one of my top ten romances of all time, even if it was totally over the top. Kate B was Bella just right. Not too over the top sweet and innocent. Rodney did an adequate job as Will, then again, maybe it was just his voice-over that just never quite fit, but Mark I believe was badly cast for the part of Scout. He seemed so mechanical and too obviously old for the part-probably all the muscles. For a show meant to be a Dawson's Creek spin-off, it never once seemed like one. Dawson and co. all used their intelligent language to an unrealistic degree, that was not done here outside of school. Sex was brought up, but not to the degree that it was in Dawson. Will was in 3 episodes of Dawson's Creek to transition viewers to watch YA, but nobody really cared about Will, maybe if they had used another character or something if would have worked out better. A few things that bothered me: the running across the lawn in their underwear scene-if this hadn't been there, the show would have been taken a little more seriously. If Scout thought he and Bella were siblings, why didn't he make sure by comparing their DNA? He could have paid a lab to do the genetic testing. We were really supposed to believe that these kids were all 15 years old? What they got right: Hamilton and Jake's first date-awkward to perfection. Jake and Bella's friendship-just should have come earlier. Clear examples of feminism-Jake is a very independent character in guy clothes and in girl clothes. Bella has a confidence that shines through in any situation, she fixes cars and is uberresponsible. All in all, I can see why this wasn't picked up for a full season, but I can see a few changes here and there that could have saved it. But it was worth each episode.
  • When I watched this I wasn't expecting nothing more than a good teen drama and I got exactly that. If you're open-minded and you know what you're getting into, then you might find a new fetish in a short-lived show of only 8 episodes.

    Occasionally as I surf the boards I'd hear a compliment or two about Dawson's Creek spin-off titled "Young Americans". Out of curiosity I finally found it and watched it and I sure am glad I did. I was pulled into these character just a few scenes in the show.

    The outline of the storyline is pretty much a typical for a teen drama. One side of the story is a new guy from the other side of the tracks going into a world that doesn't match well with where he's from. The other story is two people who fell head over heels in just moments but find out they can't be together. The other story is the straight guy who meets another guy and falls in love with him, only to find out the other guy is a girl... oh wait, that's NEW!

    Despite having seen these type of stories before, I still found myself interested in the show and what was to become of it. The characters all have realistic backgrounds and depth to them. And I also like the fact that the main character doesn't have a love interest for a good chunk of the show. Of course, as time passes he's going to find someone, but it was just nice to see the main focus of an episode not always on the usual girl/boy drama.

    Time to be honest now... Jake and Hamilton is why I like the show so much. They had such a refreshing relationship with a great mixture of humor, wit, and love. Bella and Scout were okay but Jake and Hamilton hit the top of the mountain for me. I really liked their relationship and how it developed into so much more.

    The bad thing about the series is, that it ended on short notice. I can't tell you why because I only recently became a fan, but I'm sure it was ratings. At least the show ended on better terms than the usual short-lived shows. Of course it wasn't a perfect ending but it wasn't bad considering it was the finale for the first season. But still, even if you can't handle a short, quick ending, I still recommend the series if you know what you're getting into.
  • A great show, that ended due to bad timing.

    Young Americans was a great show. However it was short lived. I believe that if it were starting now, it would survive at least three or four seasons instead of eight episodes. The show was paced well, had a good story, and great characters. Perhaps some of its messages were not yet ready to be heard, but the cast did well to portray them anyway. This was the first "WB" show I got into. I was extremely disappointed when it got cancelled. If it were still on today, I think it would still be in my top 5. Too bad it came ahead of its time.
  • Great new and young cast. Awsome storylines.

    Wow, I loved this show! The storyline was great! Never really did like Will though. At the time I loved it just as much, if not more than Dawson\'s Creek. I was so dissapointed when it went off the air.. what\'s up with that? I\'ve been on a mission to find and download every episode for my own home collection.
  • Loved the show!!!!! It has sadly been years since it was aired but i am still obsessed with it. Sssshhhhh dont tell anyone. (i even took time of school to watch it)

    Young americans was the best show i have ever watched.
    I found the plot was not predictable, like many shows.
    jake and hamilton - loved it
    jake and bella - im just so happy that they found each other
    bella and scout - just get together
    will, scout and bella - like friends should be
  • I'm disappointed that they didn't even finish the season. This show was outstanding.

    I wish they would bring this show back, but they're definitley not going to. The show was only supposed to run for the summer anyway. And Katherine Moennig is doing The L Word, and many other projects, and who knows what the rest of the cast is doing. This show was rushed, and they could have gotten way more out of the story and the characters. Jakes character was my favorite and they could have done way more with her storyline and her relationship with Hamilton. This show will always be remembered and even though it was only 8 episodes, it was still amazing.
  • im so bumed

    i want to know more, theis show have the most amasing cast ever, are they beutifull or what.
    i am soo in love with hamilton hi is so handsome. and bellas boy, the one ho is in gilmore girls, what a hunk, and so on asnd so on. i mean sure that tere were a closur, but we couldent se it happen and i want that. and now its to late for a second seson i mean its been a wile it would be hard to get the same cast back together and to make them fit with the age thing. im bumd, i really loved this show werry mutch. by by
  • young americans is a fantastic show.

    young americans is fantastic i would love to own the dvd collection.There should be more shows like this i love everything about this show i think the people are great.They should never of stopped this show it reminds me of dawsons creek. Why just put it on tv for one series it was well upsetting they shouldnt of put it on tv in the first place if they were just going to get rid of it they should put it back on tv.I also loved the whole storey line a girl dressing up as a boy it was great and funny you should bring it back.
  • Loved It!!!

    Best show ever...enough said. However, I need one hundred words to post this review so I will say OMG I loved Jake and Hamilton!!! They were so funny and too cute! I still watch it religiously even though it finished like five years ago. It has so many great memories from that time of my life attached to it. I loved the music...omg David Gray is the best! It's a great show for a drinking game, just drink everytime you see the colour red - Coke were sponsers and you can totally tell but other than that it is the best teen drama I think I've watched.
  • Young americans is a great show that was developed to fast and ran out of ideas to quickly. Maybe, by slowing the show down, it would've been possible to create a longer show, without leaving the viewers disappointed. Great cast also.

    Young Americans was a great show, had a original storyline and a lot to work with, and also a great cast. But I believe that, since it was kind of a trial, they started trying all the ideas they came up with, but they did it too fast. All that happened in that summer could have easily happened in a year or even two. I think they may have rushed things, trying to keep the viewers interested, but by doing that they wasted the critical points of the original storyline to quick, leaving the producers with little time to come up with more ideas, giving them no chance but to end the story.

    It could have been a great show, I think the Jake/Hamilton storyline had great potential, and with a little development, the rest of the story lines could have been just as interesting.

    It's really sad to watch such potential go away. I loved this show. And again, the cast was great, they could have given so much more.
  • Great show that didn't get a chance to shine.

    I remember the first time I watched Young Americans, it was the pilot episode and I was hooked. I thought the stories were great, the characters each had something that compelled you to watch them. I couldn't get enough. Needless to say how upset I was when they cancelled the show. At the time I wasn't living int the US and probably got the bad news after eveyone, but I couldn't believe it.
    Thinking back now, maybe it was because the show was too much like "Dawson's Creek" while "Dawson's Creek" was still airing. Today we have "One Tree Hill" and "The O.C." which came after the "Dawson's Creek" wave, which is why maybe they worked so well, people needed a new "Dawson's Creek". Who knows, maybe if "Young Americans" had started at the same time "One Tree Hill" and "The O.C" started it would have stood a chance and we would have come of Bella and Scott.
    I guess we'll never know. I wish the first season would come out on DVD though.
  • its been years but i cant get YA out of my head, i miss it so much.

    if i could have one wish it would be to see this show back on tv. i crave it. what idiot didn't pick this show up for more, i mean DC managed to last like 6 seasons yet the better show YA got only like 9 eps. oh why oh why!
    it really shows what idiots run tv world.
    bloody hell! YA was brilliant from its storylines to its actors. i just want to know what happens with Jake and Hamilton. Now thats an interesting love story. "oh kids when i met your ma i thought she was a guy, then she took her top off for me".
    the only way i survive is by reading fanfic and writing young americans on everything.
  • Young Americans is probably the best (teen) drama that has ever been made – and perhaps ever will be. It was written so well, the characters fitted perfectly together and the storylines, twists and relationships had such a dramatic depth yet honest

    Young Americans (a.k.a Rawley High, as is was titled in Germany) is probably the best (teen) drama that has ever been made – and perhaps ever will be.
    It was written so well, the characters fitted perfectly together and the storylines, twists and relationships had such a dramatic depth yet honesty that it offers unequalled opportunities. And to be honest, a big part of the feeling of the show was given by the soundtrack (with songs from Nick Drake and above all David Gray). For those who saw the original unaired pilot will know the difference!
    Unfortunately, there are only eight episodes, what is really a great pity. But on the other hand: Maybe Young Americans would have jumped the shark and took a turn for the worse just like Dawson’s Creek. For Dawson’s Creek was at its best in the first season – just like Young Americans that will always stay there …
  • Definitely wish this show had been on the air longer! It was a lot of fun.

    Really really loved this show. It was totally ahead of it's time, having a *new* show on during the summer instead of boring repeats. The spin-off factor was smart as well, sucking in lots of the Dawson's Creek viewers.

    I really enjoyed the story. Reminded me of my days at summer camp. Everyone was rooting for Will Krudski to make it in the world of the elite. Also, a very talented cast. Kate Bosworth has skyrocketed to fame since doing Young Americans. Ian Somerhaulder has also come a long way, gaining fame for his role in LOST.

    Wish they'd had a second's no fun to be left on a cliff-hanger!
  • Great show, over to soon.

    I loved it. Watched all of the episodes. Too bad they got rid of this show. I don\'t think they actually gave it much of a chance. I think if more people would have given this show a shot it would still be on the air today. The whole cast was really talented.