Young Americans

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • Young americans is a great show that was developed to fast and ran out of ideas to quickly. Maybe, by slowing the show down, it would've been possible to create a longer show, without leaving the viewers disappointed. Great cast also.

    Young Americans was a great show, had a original storyline and a lot to work with, and also a great cast. But I believe that, since it was kind of a trial, they started trying all the ideas they came up with, but they did it too fast. All that happened in that summer could have easily happened in a year or even two. I think they may have rushed things, trying to keep the viewers interested, but by doing that they wasted the critical points of the original storyline to quick, leaving the producers with little time to come up with more ideas, giving them no chance but to end the story.

    It could have been a great show, I think the Jake/Hamilton storyline had great potential, and with a little development, the rest of the story lines could have been just as interesting.

    It's really sad to watch such potential go away. I loved this show. And again, the cast was great, they could have given so much more.