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  • When I watched this I wasn't expecting nothing more than a good teen drama and I got exactly that. If you're open-minded and you know what you're getting into, then you might find a new fetish in a short-lived show of only 8 episodes.

    Occasionally as I surf the boards I'd hear a compliment or two about Dawson's Creek spin-off titled "Young Americans". Out of curiosity I finally found it and watched it and I sure am glad I did. I was pulled into these character just a few scenes in the show.

    The outline of the storyline is pretty much a typical for a teen drama. One side of the story is a new guy from the other side of the tracks going into a world that doesn't match well with where he's from. The other story is two people who fell head over heels in just moments but find out they can't be together. The other story is the straight guy who meets another guy and falls in love with him, only to find out the other guy is a girl... oh wait, that's NEW!

    Despite having seen these type of stories before, I still found myself interested in the show and what was to become of it. The characters all have realistic backgrounds and depth to them. And I also like the fact that the main character doesn't have a love interest for a good chunk of the show. Of course, as time passes he's going to find someone, but it was just nice to see the main focus of an episode not always on the usual girl/boy drama.

    Time to be honest now... Jake and Hamilton is why I like the show so much. They had such a refreshing relationship with a great mixture of humor, wit, and love. Bella and Scout were okay but Jake and Hamilton hit the top of the mountain for me. I really liked their relationship and how it developed into so much more.

    The bad thing about the series is, that it ended on short notice. I can't tell you why because I only recently became a fan, but I'm sure it was ratings. At least the show ended on better terms than the usual short-lived shows. Of course it wasn't a perfect ending but it wasn't bad considering it was the finale for the first season. But still, even if you can't handle a short, quick ending, I still recommend the series if you know what you're getting into.