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The WB (ended 2000)


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  • Ian as Hamilton and both Kates, as 'Jake' and Bella, made this show worth watching. Rodney was tolerable and Mark was just annoying. There were cringeworthy parts, looking back, but far more often, I see where the formula was right and I miss this show.

    Putting Ian and Kate M together was excellent casting. That kind of chemistry is hard to fake. The storyline of Jake and Ham is still one of my top ten romances of all time, even if it was totally over the top. Kate B was Bella just right. Not too over the top sweet and innocent. Rodney did an adequate job as Will, then again, maybe it was just his voice-over that just never quite fit, but Mark I believe was badly cast for the part of Scout. He seemed so mechanical and too obviously old for the part-probably all the muscles. For a show meant to be a Dawson's Creek spin-off, it never once seemed like one. Dawson and co. all used their intelligent language to an unrealistic degree, that was not done here outside of school. Sex was brought up, but not to the degree that it was in Dawson. Will was in 3 episodes of Dawson's Creek to transition viewers to watch YA, but nobody really cared about Will, maybe if they had used another character or something if would have worked out better. A few things that bothered me: the running across the lawn in their underwear scene-if this hadn't been there, the show would have been taken a little more seriously. If Scout thought he and Bella were siblings, why didn't he make sure by comparing their DNA? He could have paid a lab to do the genetic testing. We were really supposed to believe that these kids were all 15 years old? What they got right: Hamilton and Jake's first date-awkward to perfection. Jake and Bella's friendship-just should have come earlier. Clear examples of feminism-Jake is a very independent character in guy clothes and in girl clothes. Bella has a confidence that shines through in any situation, she fixes cars and is uberresponsible. All in all, I can see why this wasn't picked up for a full season, but I can see a few changes here and there that could have saved it. But it was worth each episode.