Young Americans

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • Not a spin off to Dawson's Creek, but a decent cast


    Well for a spin off to Daawson's Creek it was not a spin off. Will Krudski was never mentioned in the first 3 seasons and once he left the show after 3 episodes he wasn't mentioned again. The cast was decent, Will was a good main character, he was likeable but no Pacey Witter. Kate Bosworth did a good job as playing Bella, the pretty, innocent townie. Idk why everyone is obsessed with Jake and HAmilton. Jake was ok. She was kind of messed up from my point of view...a girl who dresses up as a boy to get attention from her mother and then doesnt tell the boy she likes that shes a girl. it was weird. Hamilton, Ian Somerholder of course is very attractive, but this part did not suit him as well as Boone from Lost or Damon from Vampire Diaries. Scout was just ok, but I much preferred Sean, played by Matt Czuchry.'

    Scout and Bella find out they are siblings and yet they continue to like each other. This part of the show is so bad anddisturbing.They know eachother for a week and ok they fall for each other.But as soon as they find out they should be repulsed by the idea. It is incredibly disturbing that they continue to like each other. That was a bad idea. I know if I found that out I would be so creeped out and immediately lose feelings for him.

    The idea of the show with the whole townie versus the Rawley people is a good idea but they could have used better writing and less dramatic,more realistic storylines.

    Overall its worth watching but only if you have extra time on your hands