Young Americans

Season 1 Episode 8

Will Bella Scout Her Mom?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 30, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Scout invites Will to come with him to St. Martin's over the summer. Will appreciates the gesture, but makes it clear he doesn't want to mooch off Scout all summer. He needs to stay in Rawley and work to earn more money.

Finn finds Will and tells him that the funds for his scholarship were unfortunately withdrawn. He will have to miss a semester at Rawley to re-apply for more scholarships and grants. Finn gives him a stack of potential scholarship application forms.

Jake finds Bella, and asks for her to help her fix her bike. Bella oblidges and Jake gives her a ride to the garage.

Later on, Will finds Bella and tells her the dilemma he's having, with not having a scholarship. He makes her swear not to tell Scout, because he doesn't want Scout's pity. Bella promises, and also tells Will if he needs a place to stay, he can stay at the garage. As they are talking, Bella's dad raises his voice on the phone. It is unclear what he's angry about.

Bella goes to see Scout, and she confesses about Will's scholarship problem, but makes Scout promise not to tell Will that she told him.

Bella soon finds out why her dad was yelling. His name wasn't on the deed for the garage, so they are trying to take it from him to auction it.

Jake and Hamilton decide to get romantic since it's their last day together. Jake is about to go in the shower with Hamilton, when Finn walks in and sees her. She takes off running. She runs all the way to Bella and tells her what happened. Bella takes the opportunity to invite Jake to accompany her to Carson (where she plans to find her mom and request she turn the garage over to her and her dad).

Hamilton joins them and as they are leaving, Bella spots Will. She gets out and tells him about the auction, so he decides to come as well. He is also shocked to find out that Jake is really a girl!

Scout and Sean realize that Bella's gone, and they hitchhike to find her.

Bella almost hits a deer, and they crash. Luckily there is an abandoned cabin nearby, so they decide to stay there for the night.

Scout and Sean spot Bella's truck and they find them at the cabin. They are also surprised to find out that Jake is a girl.

The gang stays the night in the cabin.

The next day, they hoof it to Carson. Bella meets her mom (Donna), who confesses that she has put the garage up for sale. Bella is horrified at the news, and runs to her friends (waiting outside for her) for comfort.

We see Donna approached by a man, and he asks who Bella was. She answers, "Your daughter." The audience is let in on the secret that Scout and Bella are not related... but Bella never confirmed it while she spoke with her mother. She might never know the truth.

Will and Scout part, and Will drops his scholarship forms in the mail. He is walking, when it hits him... he wants to go with Scout for the summer after all. He runs as fast as he can to the bus, and reaches Scout just in time. He is in for a fun trip.

When he returns to the dorm, he will find the letter that Finn taped on his mirror, from the school, which awards him the funds needed to attend the academy for the fall semester.