Young Americans

Season 1 Episode 8

Will Bella Scout Her Mom?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 30, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • The sign on the garage says that the auction will be on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

    • At one point in the episode, when they are in the cabin, it is said there is "nothing for twenty miles." In the morning, Sean confirms that Carson is ten miles away, if you follow the train tracks.

    • It takes two hours to get to Carson. In "Gone," we see Carson is only 35 miles away.

  • Quotes

    • Sean: You got a car?
      Scout: No... but I got a thumb.

    • Will: His biggest problem is being lonely in St. Martin.

    • Hamilton: What are we gonna do for food?... What? I'm hungry!

    • Scout: (to Sean) I think you're a little pissed off because Bella might find out she has a choice. And she might not choose you.

    • Scout: What is Jake doing in a dress?

    • Hamilton: Can't any of you keep a secret?

    • Man: Who was that?
      Donna: Your daughter.

    • Bella: Donna. It's me. Bella.

    • Will: And so our adventure ends and some of us find our heroes and others uncovered their fears and some might even say we've triumphed. I'm not sure If it happened that day or that summer but somehow we all felt older and different. I knew I'd never forget any of it. And I decided I wasn't gonna let it end because I realized we're not just given life experiences, we're given the experience of life.

    • Bella: (to Will) You wanna know something? When I was 8 years old I had the biggest crush on you. Yeah. Every time you came over and said hello I'd blush so red that I'd have to hide my face just so you wouldn't see it.

    • Hamilton: (to Jake) Wait a minute; you have another secret other than this one?

    • Jake: (to Hamilton) Showering together's a big deal. It's more like a freshmen year of college kinda thing.

    • Will: Every day the mystery of life unfolds and every night we go to sleep not quite sure if we solved it.

  • Notes

    • Katherine Moennig has re-surfaced on Showtime's The L Word. This time she gets to be a girl.

    • Young Americans fans were thrilled in 2004-05 to see Ian Somerhaulder again in ABC's hit show LOST.

    • Casting directors remembered Matt Czuchry as Sean in Young Americans, and cast the heart-throb in another popular WB show, Gilmore Girls.

    • After starring in Young Americans, Kate Bosworth secured a movie role in Blue Crush, a movie about a surfer girl. She later was catapulted to fame, starring in several movies, and has dated Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom.

    • To the disappointment of fans everywhere, this was the last episode of Young Americans.

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