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Young Blades

Ion Television (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Secrets
      Episode 13
      D'Artagnan and Jacqueline meet the famous author Alexandre Dumas and in a strange twist he relays to them that he is their creator. Meanwhile, Jacqueline learns her brother is back in France and wants to see her and Siroc creates a love potion which the Musketeers test - but with interesting results.moreless
    • The Chameleon
      The Chameleon
      Episode 12
      While posing as her female self, Jacqueline, to befriend a woman from Captain Duval's past, she discovers that a man is posing as "Jacques" but unmasking the deceiver could expose her own secret.
    • To Heir Is Human
      To Heir Is Human
      Episode 11
      When a man is murdered by Mazarin's men, his brother and widow believe the Musketeers to be the culprits, but they soon discover the truth. Meanwhile, the Musketeers must keep the woman and her brother-in-law safe for he is the illegimate son of the late King.
    • The Invincible Sword
      Ramon is injured by a legendary sword, and when Jacqueline picks it up, she becomes an invincible fighter, oblivious to its powers. Meanwhile, the Musketeers must fight to save Ramon from death and recover Jacqueline before the sword steals her soul.
    • The Girl from Upper Gaborski
      Princess Tatiana of Upper Gaborski comes to France to sign the betrothal agreement with King Louis, but her country's newfound diamond wealth holds a secret. Meanwhile, the Musketeers attempt to thwart a plot to kill the Princess.
    • Coat of Arms
      Coat of Arms
      Episode 8
      Cardinal Mazarin tracks down a member of his society who stole a stone from the body of the Black Knight. Meanwhile, Ramon is upset with D'Artagnan over a woman, and they must work together to save her when the Black Knight kidnaps her.
    • Four Musketeers and a Baby
      D'Artagnan finds a baby that he believes is his own, and he and his fellow Musketeers attempt to care for the infant. Meanwhile, D'Artagnan has his hands full when he encounters the Highwayman, who is terrorizing people and wooing women.
    • Secrets of the Father
      D'Artagnan's father arrives at the same time that a list of French agents is stolen, and D'Artagnan begins to wonder what kind of man his father has become, when suspicion falls on him. Meanwhile, the Queen begins getting threatening letters.
    • Da Vinci's Notebook
      Siroc builds a machine gun that da Vinci apparently designed before he died. Meanwhile, Jacqueline has to fend off a girl who is obsessed with "Jacques" and is one of D'Artagnan's castoffs.
    • The Exile
      The Exile
      Episode 4
      As her female self, Jacqueline rescues and falls in love with the exiled King Charles II of England, who is on the run from the vicious Oliver Cromwell. He offers to make her his queen, but will she choose to stay to fight for her own country or leave for love?moreless
    • Enchanted
      Episode 3
      French noble children are disappearing from their homes in the middle of the night without signs of a struggle, and the Musketeers are called in to unravel this mystery. All the while, Ramon is falling under the spell of a beautiful poet and enchantress, who is really in cahoots with the Cardinal and the Secret Order. Their plan is to brain wash the children and then implant them back into society in two years' time.moreless
    • Rub-a-dub Sub
      Rub-a-dub Sub
      Episode 2
      When a gang extorts money from local shopkeepers, D'Artagnan and Jacques go undercover to find who is behind this ill deed. Meanwhile, Mazarin finds out what the Musketeers are up to and tries to frame them for the deed; Siroc creates the "sub aquatic chamber", the world's first submarine.
    • Wanted
      Episode 1
      Jaqueline, a girl in trouble with the law, dresses like a boy and joins the Musketeers to avoid arrest, but she runs into trouble after an argument with D'Artagnan Jr. yet wins the respect of the instructor and two of the other Musketeers, Ramon and Siroc. She soon discovers that her brother has been taken by the evil Cardinal to be used for experimentation by a secret society and sets out to rescue him. Along the way, she gains the help of D'Artagnan, Ramon and Siroc, and D'Artagnan discovers her secret.moreless
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