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  • Good anime.

    It's very refreshing to see an old story revamped with modern day language that actually works. Not that this story is of the olden day Musketeers, the story follows the lives of D'Artagnans' son who he named D'Artagnan. Of course there is still a sense of the proper way to speak and women were treated like women, but there are a few modernizations in what they talk about. A lot of screenplay writers have tried many-a-time to revive the stories of The Musketeers and in my honest opinion have failed miserably. This series will succeed it's pre-decessus as it it fresh, charming and has a light comedic tone to it. It's nice to see Michael Ironside in yet another grand role and the fresh faces of Zak Santiago, Tobias Mehler, Karen Cliché, Mark Hildreth and another adventurer who I used to love in the show "Bing em Back Alive" (1982-1983) is Bruce Boxleitner. This show is a must see for lovers of The Musketeers.
  • A 17th century historical romance set in France. Filled with action, adventure and romance. Great family entertainment that is also educational and based on actual historical events.

    I am the mother of two teenaged boys and I absolutely love this show! I have a very short list of must see TV. The romantic setting, the sword fight action and the secrets that are uncovered and revealed each week keep me coming back.

    My only criticism is regarding the pilot which didn\'t do justice to the acting skills of the terrific ensemble cast. There was a giggling Muskateer groupie who should have been edited out.

    This show should be shown in classrooms to students studying this era. Producers should hook up with author Dianne Gabaldon who writes historical romance of the same era. They could use similar sets, costumes and setting to produce her blockbuster novel \"Outlander\". Fans of her work will enjoy Young Blades.

    It might have been designed for a younger audience but there are plenty of middle aged women who still swoon at the thought of a real Muskateer.
  • Great!

    I love this show - it`s the best.I wish they would not have stopped showing this on GTN!I luv it!It is refreshing - neat and amazing.They get into fights - rescue people - what more could you want in a refreshing show??? I totally hope that they would make more episodes ! Unless they can`t think of any other story lines_ I bet they could think of more if they tried - unless they took it off because not enough people were watching it
  • Great Show!! Finally something different and with comedy.It's original and it's simply GREAT!Please don't cancell this show,it's a slick and clean looking show.Not too many shows these days can say or be called this.The cast is one of the best on T.V toda

    Great Show!! Finally something different and with comedy.It's original and it's simply GREAT!Please don't cancell this show,it's a slick and clean looking show.Not too many shows these days can say or be called this.The cast is one of the best on T.V today.Cancelling this show would be a big mistake! Why would anyone want to cancell a show that is NOT like any other tv show on the air? Finally have a show that is totally different and great and it's on hiadeous? What's wrong with the people who make tv shows these days? Get with it T.V people! Don't cancell this show!


    I thikn this show is very cool and I hope that they keep it on the air for a long time . It shows what life was like back then and haw to surivive . It can be a little gross at times but not as gross as you can`t stand to look at . It is all fake .... DUH !
  • Jacqueline, a young woman, disguises herself as a man and becomes a musketeer, and has lots of weird and wacky adventures with her fellow musketeers, D\'Artagnan, Siroc, and Ramon.

    There needs to be more shows like this...Young Blades is a story with romance, action, humor, and drama...all set in ancient France. Unfortunately, not many people known about this wonderful show, but hopefully, more people will find out about Young Blades. Watch won\'t be disappointed. It\'s on Sundays at 7:00 on PAX.
  • I miss this!

    I have to say that this is one show that I truly miss. It was yet another victim of my horrible curse. It does seem that most of the shows that I like get cancelled. This one brought out something that I have missed. It managed to hold on to the sexual frustration that keeps viewers interested, but it did it in a way that was more innocent. The characters seemed to be flirty in a nice manner, not in the typical 'just get in bed together' way that most television shows have now. I also liked the ever changing plot lines. It did have many over done lines, but they picked these basic plots up with a chast of characters that made them fresher. I think that given more time and some more developement and maybe some writers with fresher ideas this show could have done better.
  • A new spin on Alexander Dumas' world of France's Musketeers. Taking place a generation after Dumas' beloved books it peers into the lives of a new set of friends, including a woman masquerading as a musketeer, their adventures and interactions.

    I love this show! It is the perfect blend of comedy, friendship, romance and action. There is something for everyone from an attractive cast (*wink, wink*) to awesome swashbuckling. I always look forward to the next episode, be it a rerun or a new episode. It's a classic in the making!
  • "The Three Musketeers" for a new generation, Young Blades is set in France following the careers of 3 young men and one woman: disguised as a man so she can join the Musketeers.

    This show is great. Save Young Blades! The characters are very likable, and the writing is hilarious. This show doesn't take itself seriously at all..which makes it great. Also, the critics never got it, and I believe Young Blades is going to die a death way before its time. Of coure, blame it all on PAXTV for that.
  • It is set in France 1600s full of sword fighting, romance, and intrigue. It follows the life of four young Musketeers as they battle the evil Cardinal Mazarin in his attempt for total control over France.

    I love this show because the two main characters clearly have chemistry, which we hardly see any more in television. We see these characters go through a lot in their battle against evil. Most shows these days are based on sex and betrayal. This show has captivated several viewers just from the sword fighting. As it is based in a different time, we can imagine what it was like for those people. We get pulled in every week as we watch the internal workings of the Musketeers. On a scale from 1-10, I give this show a 100.
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