Young Blades

Season 1 Episode 2

Rub-a-dub Sub

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on Ion Television



  • Quotes

    • (Jacqueline is in the hot springs, and D'Artagnan has his back turned)
      D'Artagnan: We must never forget, even for a moment, that you are a fugitive, wanted for murder.
      Jacqueline: Murder? You're saying it's murder that I rendered justice to the man I had just seen kill my father?
      D'Artagnan: But when that man is captain of the Cardinal's guard...
      Jacqueline: He killed my father...
      D'Artagnan: I know.
      Jacqueline: In cold blood...
      D'Artagnan: I'm not judging you.
      Jacqueline: For no reason...
      D'Artagnan: I'm not accusing you.
      Jacqueline: Fine, well you would've done the same thing.
      (D'Artagnan turns around and looks at her)
      D'Artagnan: No doubt.
      Jacqueline: Well then why are you looking at me like...
      (Jacqueline realizes D'Artagnan is staring at her, D'Artagnan turns back around quickly)
      Jacqueline: You're looking at me.
      D'Artagnan: I saw nothing...much. Your face, your hair...your wet hair dressing your bare shoulders.
      Jacqueline: You kept looking.
      D'Artagnan: I did? Well if I did that was wrong.
      (D'Artagnan clears his throat)
      D'Artagnan: Philosophical question though; if presented with one of God's miracles, would it not be a sin to look away?
      Jacqueline: You may not speak to me like that. I will never be one of your little adventures okay, so get used to it.