Young Blades

Season 1 Episode 9

The Girl from Upper Gaborski

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 05, 2005 on Ion Television



  • Trivia

    • How did Princess Tatiana's cousin know where to set up the original murder attempt considering it was Princess Tatiana's decision to stop the carriage?

  • Quotes

    • Ramon: Here's what strikes me as odd.
      Siroc: What's that?
      Ramon: That.
      (D'Artagnan is carrying the princess' parcels)
      Duvall: Oh dear.
      Ramon: Very nice, you could start a new trend.
      D'Artagnan: I hate her.
      Siroc: She likes you.

    • Princess Tatiana: You work for me, remember?
      D'Artagnan: I work for the King.
      Princess Tatiana: And I will soon be the Queen.
      D'Artagnan: Then God save the King!

    • King Louis (after Ramon caught him attempting to sneak into Princess Tatiana's room): Just a blind eye. There's a good man. (he slaps Ramon on the back.)
      Ramon: Ahh...
      King Loius: And a blind ear, for good measure!

    • Cardinal Mazarin (to Princess Tatiana, who is having doubts about marrying King Louis): Think of Louis like asparagus...
      Queen Anne: Have your vegetables in public and have your dessert in private.

  • Notes

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