Young Blades

Season 1 Episode 10

The Invincible Sword

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 12, 2005 on Ion Television



  • Quotes

    • (Mazarine has unmasked Jacqueline as a woman)
      Mazarine: She's a deceiver your Majesty. Have her arrested.
      King Louis: Yes. D'Artagnan, take her into custody.
      (Jacqueline draws the Invincible Sword)
      Jacqueline: You'll have to kill me.
      D'Artagnan: Surrender Jacqueline. We'll petition his Majesty for clemency. We'll ask for exile. Your Majesty, you would consider exile would you not? I've served you faithfully.
      Jacqueline: Don't bargain for me, bargain for your own lives. I wield the Invincible Sword.
      King Louis: Witch. Witch. She's a witch. D'Artagnan disarm her.
      D'Artagnan: Hand me the sword.
      Jacqueline: Take it from me.
      D'Artagnan: This is crazy. I'm not your enemy.
      Jacqueline: For all I know you're the one who betrayed me.
      D'Artagnan: I would never do that. I promised you I would take your secret to the grave.
      Jacqueline: Well I can arrange that.
      (They fight, Jacqueline delivers a killing blow, and D'Artagnan falls to the ground. Jacqueline realizes what she has done and drops the sword)
      Jacqueline: Oh my God. What have I done?
      D'Artagnan: Jacques...Jacqueline...I love you...
      (D'Artagnan dies, and Jacqueline cries)
      Jacqueline: Hey. Hey. No. No. Oh dear Lord forgive me. No. No.
      (Time rewinds