Young Blades

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on Ion Television
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Jaqueline, a girl in trouble with the law, dresses like a boy and joins the Musketeers to avoid arrest, but she runs into trouble after an argument with D'Artagnan Jr. yet wins the respect of the instructor and two of the other Musketeers, Ramon and Siroc. She soon discovers that her brother has been taken by the evil Cardinal to be used for experimentation by a secret society and sets out to rescue him. Along the way, she gains the help of D'Artagnan, Ramon and Siroc, and D'Artagnan discovers her secret.moreless

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    Ali Liebert

    Ali Liebert


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    Stephen Spender

    Stephen Spender

    Gerard Rochey

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    Shaw Madson

    Shaw Madson

    Sergeant Moret

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      • (Jacques/Jacqueline falls from tree with no shirt on)
        D'Artagnan: There's nothing wrong with your belly button.
        Gerard: Don't look at my brother like that.
        Jacques/Jacqueline: Oh Gerard you can quit pretending.
        Gerard: Right, well then don't look at my sister like that.

      • Ramon: You're insatiable
        D'Artagnan: Ah, well we're both insatiable Ramon. I like women, you like chickens.

      • (D'Artangan slides into a woman's chest)
        Siroc: Bags of air could save lives.
        D'Artangan: What?
        Siroc: Just thinking out loud. Look out!

      • D'Artagnan Jr.: What is the point of fighting if it is not in itself a form of poetry?

      • Siroc: (watching D'Artagnan on the flying machine): He's oversteering...

      • Charlotte (to Jacqueline, disguised as Jacques): I love watching a man eat.

      • Siroc: As soon as I've conquered mechanized flight, I'm getting right to work on a miracle cleanser.
        Ramon: Si! A cleanser that will remove even these stubborn blood stains!
        D'Artagnan Jr.: And these hard to reach corners!
        Ramon: But will be easy on the elbows and knees.
        Siroc: Perhaps with a fresh lemony scent...
        Ramon: But long lasting strength!
        D'Artagnan Jr.: That won't leave your hands cracked and red?
        Siroc: What if it was a lotion and a cleanser?
        Ramon: A lotion and a cleanser in one?!
        Siroc: A man can dream, can't he?

      • D'Artagnan Jr.: You know what I hate about hard work?
        Ramon:'s hard?
        D'Artagnan Jr.: Exxxx...actly!

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