Young Dracula

Friday 5:25 PM on CBBC Premiered Sep 21, 2006 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • The Darkest Hour
      The Darkest Hour
      Episode 12
      Children's drama following the misadventures of Vlad and Ingrid, who have moved to Britain with their father, Count Dracula. As the sun rises on his 18th birthday, will Vlad be granted his biggest wish and become human? With the Blood Seed flourishing and his family under attack, it's certainly not going to be an easy decision to make.moreless
    • Bite Me
      Bite Me
      Episode 11
      Children's drama following the misadventures of Vlad and Ingrid, who have moved to Britain with their father, Count Dracula. With Vlad about to turn 18 and become the Chosen One, Ingrid decides to make a final bid for power. Her plan is almost faultless, if only she hadn't underestimated Renfield.
    • Blood Match
      Blood Match
      Episode 10
      The Draculas' bedtime routine descends into chaos when they are set upon by enemies old and new.
    • The Bodyguard
    • Open House
    • Nemesis Rising
    • The Enemy Within
      The Enemy Within
      Episode 6

      Vlad tries to persuade Sally and George to stay with the Draculas, while Ingrid and Malik search for a mysterious bat that is causing problems for the family. Elsewhere, Asan's true identity and intentions are revealed, and the Count and Renfield are alerted to a new danger.

    • Warning Shadows
      Warning Shadows
      Episode 5

      An unexpected visitor arrives at Garside Grange bearing news of the return of an old enemy, leading to the Count and his children preparing to defend themselves. Meanwhile, Malik makes a reappearance with news of Erin's fate, while Vlad focuses on defending his new family as well as the old.

    • Once Bitten, Twice Shy

      Vlad persuades Sally and George to spend some time with the Draculas, asking his father and sister to pretend to be human in George's presence. Elsewhere, Ingrid plots to reveal the Count's secret to the Vampire High Council, as a power play to take down both Vlad and the Count.

    • Flesh and Blood
      Flesh and Blood
      Episode 3

      Under the guise of the Count's idea to convert the school into a vampire-themed hotel, Vlad invites his birth mother over to try to get to know her. However, problems arise when Ingrid goes looking for blood, leading to secrets being revealed and identities being discovered.

    • Who's the Daddy?
      Who's the Daddy?
      Episode 2

      Renfield races against time to cure Vlad's ailment, but when Vlad discovers the true nature of his illness, questions about his past surface and the Count reveals a series of unexpected surprises. Elsewhere, Ingrid orchestrates an intricate plan to earn her place on the Vampire High Council.

    • Fight or Flight
      Fight or Flight
      Episode 1

      Vlad returns home and the Count attempts to persuade him to stay with Ingrid's help. However, things are complicated when Vlad contracts an illness, leading to Renfield discovering a huge secret.

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