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  • Is It True

    I think this show is wonderful, there is only one other show i love as much as this. I dont no how much or really what to say, I've only seen it for a year but the first time i did it was on tv and i was flicking through channels when i saw this Young Dracula and just for amusement i started watching it but became very intrigued with the show, later on i started finding a few episodes (in order) on Youtube, then i liked a site on FB which had all the latest Young Dracula episodes, i went on to try and find them for sale but sadly had no luck, but now that its starting to go on sale i already bought the first season and 2nd one early, i still cant wait for the 3rd and 4th to come out on dvd, ive also heard on the fb page by fans that there is 97% chance that there will be a season 5 only erin wont be coming back and that there possibly though im sorry to doubt that there might be a movie but i fimd that part highly unlikely

    But cheers for all the good show and good times :)

    I love young dracular. I just watched the new season (4) and i loved it so much i watched it twice ahhhh i love Gerran Howell so much xxxxx
  • the first and second series of young dracular

    was flimed in llantrisant and the all over the rhondda valleys.
  • **spoiler alert**

    I'm over at my cousins in england and i've watched all the current series of Young Dracula!!

    There's 4 series out in Britain at the moment, it was set in Barry - Wales (but they named it Stokely); and now they're in Liverpool - England. its so good now, and vlads now 17 years old. sorry to say that robin is no longer in Young Dracula because he was in a film called "submarine" and before that he was in a brilliant program from the UK called being human and then he followed on to do a mini spin off show called becoming human - becoming and being human are funny and cute because this time HE gets to be the vampire!!

    well, back to Y.Drac. in series 4 it shows Vlads struggle with his vampiric needs and also shows him fighting against the reflection that took a year and a bit to merge with him - and for the fact that he doesn't just have one reflection (its normal to only have one...).... i wont spoil anymore of it for you! but im staying in England for a while so i'm trying to find out whether there's going to be a fifth series!!!!! xxxx

  • A brilliant show that should return!

    I really love the show Young Dracula. It's very interesting and captivating and it really makes you want to watch each and every episode to see what happens.

    This show tracks the adventures of a family of vampires and each and every episode makes you want more.

    I really like the various characters in this show and I really like the actors who play each character - they have found the right people for the job, that's for sure!

    I think this show must return for another season because a lot of people, such as myself, thoroughly enjoyed it and this show could continue and become a real classic.
  • Vlad just wants to live a normal life unfortunatly for him he's a vampire!

    This show is fantastic! It has to be one of my favourite family shows. When I watch it I crack up laughing and love how Robin doesn't fit in with his family and is only friends with Vlad because he's a vampire, how Ingrid is exactly what the count want Vlad to be but doesn't care and how Vlad is Mr & Mrs Branaugh's idea of what Robin should be like and all the insane no one fits type of thing that's happening all over the show. Iloved the first series and can hardly wait for the second series to come to Australia!
  • Dracula and his family move to England

    Count Dracula, with his son Vlad and daughter Ingrid, move from Transylvania due to problems with peasant mobs, and reside in a castle above en English town. Dracula wishes his heir to be more vampiric and less human but to his dismay Vlad decides he wishes to lead a normal life. Despite he has no fangs or abilities till he turns sixteen Dracula encourages him to finetune his skills in being a vampire. Meanwhile Ingrid, who Dracula generally ignores, wishes to be the heir and more of a vampire, and so a tricky situation evolves. Will Vlad decide to become his fathers heir and continue the Dracula name and its reputation, or will he become more human? Meanwhile the Draculas face another threat in the form of the slayer family Van Helsing. Quite a funny and entertaining show.
  • This is one of the best shows that as been on the tv in a very long time, it was scarely but it was also very funny, All the actors was purfect for the parts that they played, All the children loved this show & looked forward each week to watch it.

    i would give this show 10/10 for myself being an adult & the children also gave it 10/10 as they love the show & can not wait for the third show to start.
    All the special effects was so good, it all looked so real, When this show started, it was the only time that all the childen would sit down & watch from the beginning to the end.
    All the cast are very talented as they played the parts so well. The wolf was great & the make up & out fits was excellent.
    The slayers The dad & Jono was great, they played the part so well, it seemed if they was like real father & son, they work so well together.
  • Why you too should watch this, the greatest thing to come out of the BBC since top of the pops! Young Dracula is about... Young Dracula is seen on... to find out the answers to these and more read the following review. :-P

    Young Dracula is a brilliant show to be found on the C.B.B.C channel on Friday nights at around 5:25, although it is occasionally shunted from side to side by those pesky producers! :@

    The main plot line focus's on Count Dracula, currently posing as Mr. Count in order to fit in, after his recent move to suburban London, to escape from a very angry peasant mob.
    It follows the life of Vladamir Dracula (Vlad Count), the counts son, in the years before his 16th birthday, the transformation of becoming a vampire takes place then, which is something young Vlad is desperately trying to avoid along with sleeping in a coffin and the horrid prospect of biting people.

    I have seen every single episode,to date, and the only bad point i can comment on is the fact that the episodes very rarely link up, information you learn in one episode is not necessarily mentioned in the next (no matter how desperate you are for Ingrid, Vlad's sister, to find out... ) and their is the small fact that you can't actually get a daily fix as it's a once a week show.

    If you love addictive shows that do allow you allot of fantasy and adventure whilst still being slightly in touch with possibility this is the perfect show for you. at the same time as removing you from the "real world" and your own boring life it dumps you right back in the most ordinary of play ground situations.

    The slightly altered slang terminology and dark and twisted parenting methods.
  • I'm hooked on yet another English series!

    I'm now hooked on yet another non-USA show.
    It's like Addam's Family mixed with Harry Potter with a twist of Ozzy Osbourne. Is this really a kids show? I can see it, since the parents are oblivious, and the kids run everything, which is typical of tween shows. But i still enjoy it so far (i just finished watching the first season today, and the random first one i saw from i guess the second season). I think the dad(Count Dracula) is hillarious, and obsessive. He is like "I'm always right." Also, i love how he is very open about his relation to his children. He frequently tells Ingrid(15) that she maybe be first-borne, but Vlad(13) is his favourite, and is heir to the throne. I love how Ingrid is determined to rise above the sexist role that her dad puts her in since he is from 600 years ago, and WAY behind the times. I also enjoy the love-hate relation between Ingrid and Vlad. She keeps trying to kill him off, but you know she actually cares about him.
  • Young Dracula is about Dracula who is a single parent with 1 son (Vlad) and a daughter (Ingrid). He and his family moved to london to escape an angry peasent mob. Vlad want to be a normal boy and not a vampire so he tries to find a way to be normal.

    I think Young Dracula is great because we can relate to all the characters (for example Vlad trying to fit in). I love the way that no 2 episodes are the same and my favourite episode is when Van Helsing dresses as a female vampire to Draculas hunt ball. (Pink is not Van Helsings color) I don't have a least favourite episode yet. I am so curious to see if Vlad will be a breather a become an evil vampire like his cousin Boris did. I can't wait to see the next episode. None of the episode so far have been boring.