Young Dracula

Friday 5:25 PM on CBBC Premiered Sep 21, 2006 In Season





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  • Is It True

    I think this show is wonderful, there is only one other show i love as much as this. I dont no how much or really what to say, I've only seen it for a year but the first time i did it was on tv and i was flicking through channels when i saw this Young Dracula and just for amusement i started watching it but became very intrigued with the show, later on i started finding a few episodes (in order) on Youtube, then i liked a site on FB which had all the latest Young Dracula episodes, i went on to try and find them for sale but sadly had no luck, but now that its starting to go on sale i already bought the first season and 2nd one early, i still cant wait for the 3rd and 4th to come out on dvd, ive also heard on the fb page by fans that there is 97% chance that there will be a season 5 only erin wont be coming back and that there possibly though im sorry to doubt that there might be a movie but i fimd that part highly unlikely

    But cheers for all the good show and good times :)