Young Dracula

Season 2 Episode 13

The Chosen One

Aired Friday 5:25 PM Feb 08, 2008 on CBBC
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The Chosen One
A new war against vampires begins, and a slayer named Kurt threatens Vlad's entire family.

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  • It all happens in this episode - a big fight, ghosts, a new slayer, dozens of vampires, and lots of story-lines resolved. Also, a very suspenseful ending - there HAS to be a third season now!moreless

    This episode had one - just one - corny line. "Why must we destroy each other? Why can't we live in harmony?" Despite this rather cliched line, the episode as a whole was marvellous. Ingrid comes out in her true colours, and the Count is trapped in a cage. As for Vlad - spark out on the floor with his Dad helpless and his sister merciless. Wow!

    Robin and Renfield have lost their memory of vampires - along with everyone else. Will Renfield keep his job? Will Robin and Vlad still be friends? What will the Van Helsing family do now that they are not slayers anymore? Will Count Dracula get out of his cage? Only season three will reveal!

    Unusually for a children's show, the Dracula family actually loose someone. Normally, it is the "outside" characters that get killed in a shoot-out - the main characters have a sort of immunity. Will's death gives Ingrid the push over into total evil, providing a new conflict for season three.

    Like all good stories, the characters are well-rounded and believable - even the supporting cast have real personalities. Vlad has sacrificed everything to save his family - what is there for him in his new life? Come on, season three!!!moreless
  • a new slayer on the lose with vanhelsing plus his wife and son.the braners also with them with is family in danger will vlad take his destiny as the chosen one.and will tragily dies and ingrid takes the thrown who will stop her if ther another seasonmoreless

    this episode was brill i just new vlad would take his destiney i hope they make a new season and ingrid get taking from the thrown with vlad unconshesi and count dracula in the cage and sience vlad made the slayers for get that vmpire wher not true and ingrid wanting the street of stokley to be coverd in blood because of will death who will stop i hope they make a new season where dracula escapes and reurns to the thrown and vlad to get conshes again and for them to stop ingrid and vlad to be air to the thrown again hope they make a season 3 to find out what happensmoreless
Lucy Borja-Edwards

Lucy Borja-Edwards

Chloe Branaugh

Terry Haywood

Terry Haywood

Jonathan "Johno" Van Helsing

Simon Ludders

Simon Ludders


Terence Maynard

Terence Maynard

Mr. Eric Van Helsing

Andy Bradshaw

Andy Bradshaw

the voice of Zoltan

Clare Thomas

Clare Thomas

Ingrid Dracula

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