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  • amor e amizade em suas aventuras cheias de ao e ver como eles encontram Hrcules no to amorosa famlia olmpica e as conseqncias de tais encontros.

    Antes que o homem se tornou lenda ... antes de a lenda tornou-se mito ... veio a maior aventura de todos ... jovem Hrcules. filma / HORA: Young Hercules foi filmado em locaes em Auckland, Nova Zelndia de maio de 1998 a janeiro de 1999 . TRANSMISSO: ESTADOS UNIDOS: A srie foi ao ar na FOX. CANAD: A srie foi ao ar na YTV e
  • Hot guys in leather, how could you not love it!

    Personally I loved everything about this show. Action, humor, romance, not to mention several hot guys decked out in leather.

    Telling the story of Hercules (the teen years) and his two closest friends Iolaus and Jason, Young Hercules was full of action and adventure. Created by the same people who gave us Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, Young Hercules was a show for children of all ages.

    Giving us great tales of the young hero when he still was searching for his father's approval, the show boasted several wonderful recurring characters like Ares (played by the late Kevin Smith), Hephaestus, Discord, and Lilith. Putting new spins on wonderful Greek Myths and Legends.

    The half hour show was just getting into its groove when production was cancelled, but left us with 50 great episodes. And did I mention lots of hot guys in leather?
  • As young Hercules continues to grow and live through his teen years, his mother sends him to Cheiron's Academy of Warriors, where he meets two lifelong friends, Jason and Iolaus, and comes into conflict with fellow Gods, and learns the way of the warrior.

    I remember a much more youthful time in my own life, where I would wake up in the morning, and my only motivation to be up and off to school was watching Batman: The Animated Series, and Young Hercules. Something appealed to me about the latter program, and it stuck with me, even ten years later, I always remembered the young Ryan Gosling in his Young Hercules attire, and I had no idea how much the image stuck with me since then until I saw the page for it on this site. Looking back on the episode recaps, I remember sitting and watching this show in my living room and thinking, God I love this show. It had an innocence to it that was apparent in the actions of Herc, Jason, and Iolaus, it had romance between Herc and Cyane, it had action everywhere, and perhaps best of all, it was a show you didn't have to tune into every week to understand it. You could show up out of the blue in front of your TV with a friend who never watched, sit down, and watch it, and you'll both be walking away from it without questions as to what one character meant, because it had open credits, started, it climaxed, and then there was the aftermath and close credits. It was simple and straightforward...unlike this review. It's a shame they cancelled the series, as it could've made stars out of all three actors. Luckily, Ryan Gosling made it big, obviously with help from this series, but it makes you wonder what would've happened if it hadn't been cut so quickly from the lineup for a show with no base (Mystic Knights of Tyrnanog or something). Bad move Fox.
  • Not very popular, but not so cool neither.

    Young Hercules is a very upbeat and adventurous counterpart to the adult version of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Unlike Hercules:TLJ, Young Hercules is obviously aimed at younger kids who couldn't be interested to sit for an hour and watch some boring episode of Hercules and get completely confused by watching plot lines twist and turn, people dying, then coming back to life. Young Hercules offers them the chance to love Hercules and Ancient Greece by giving them action packed episodes that are only a half hour long. Perfect for anyone who loves Ancient Greece and Hercules, heroes and gods, but doesn't want to be confused, or sit through an entire hour of television of the same thing over and over again. :)
  • Young hercules go threw a tough time with the gods especially ares!

    I use to like this show I dont know if this stil comes on it just popped in my head and i thought ill right something! This is a great show but in some episodes it can get alittle annoying but i still liked this show and i liked how they had the same sres thats in Hercules legendary journeys and Xena!
  • A young Hercules goes through the trials and tribulations of life.

    I really like this show. Though it's made for younger kids to understand it, there is a LOT of greek mythology behind some of the episodes. I think it's really cool how the writers made up episodes based on different stories in mythology. I don't think every episode is an actual depiction of a story, but they get it pretty accurate for the most part, and they make it really interesting to watch. I hope this comes out on DVD. That would be awesome.
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