Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 12, 2012 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In Metropolis, Blue Beetle and Bumble enter Bibbo's Dinner in their civilian clothing. Bibbo is watching a broadcast about the alien invaders and sees them, and runs out the door. The two teenagers switch to their heroic identifies and gives chase, but the real Bibbo catches up to his duplicate and knocks him down. The robot casing opens, revealing a Krolotean inside. He ducks into the sewers, boards an escape vehicle, and blasts off into the sewers while the backflash covers his escape. Blue Beetle and his armor argue about what he did wrong while the other two stare at him in surprise.

The Krolotean makes his way to Metropolis Bay and boards Black Manta's sub. A man wearing the Black Manta suit is there with more Kroloteans and orders his crew to depart.

Nightwing and several Justice League members go to STAR Lab's central facility in Taos to greet the Rann team as they return. They inform their teammates that they successfully drove off the Kroloteans on Rann and Adam shows the teleportation shield that Sardath has created. Miss Martian telepathically briefs everyone on what she learned by interrogating the Krolotean. The Kroloteans arrived on Rann, paid off a general to let them past security, stole Sardath's teleportation system, and then built platforms with it to send their people to Earth. Since then they have been abducting humans and taking their places, but Miss Martian was unable to determine why.

Her prisoner also knew what the League did five years ago. Savage sent the six League members to the planet Rimbor and had them attack the entire planet. The Leaguers made sure that everyone knew who they were. The Kroloteans heard of the incident and that was when they decided to invade Earth. Green Lantern John Stewart is surprised to hear that no one reported the incident to his superiors, the Guardians of the Universe, and departs for Oa to find out more information.

At the Hall of Justice, League liaison Catherine Cobart is trying to give a tour but several people are skeptical of the League given its alien members. Deeper in the building, Martian Manhunter is telepathically interrogating the prisoner that Lagoon Boy captured but isn't having any luck. Miss Martian and Superboy arrive with Batman, and Miss Martian immediately and forcefully scans the prisoner without permission. She then tells Batman and Superboy that the aliens have an emergency rendezvous arranged inside a volcano on Molina Island.

When the Mantasub arrives at Moline Island, the rescued Kroloteans join the rest of their people, who are building a spaceship to escape Earth now that their teleporters don't work. The real Black Manta is there and congratulates his son, the man wearing the costume. The newcomer removes his mask and reveals that he's Aqualad.

Aquaman and Lagoon Boy approach the island from underwater while Batman goes in with Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin and takes out some of the guards.

The Kroloteans talk among themselves, discussing how the one they know as the "Competitor" is working against them, and hired Lobo to reveal their presence on Earth.

Aqualad soon realizes that some of the guards are out and sounds the alarm. The heroes engage while the Kroloteans unleash their mechs and try to finish work on their ship. Meanwhile, the Competitor's agent sneaks into the volcano and avoids the security systems.

Aquaman attacks the now-masked Aqualad, assuming he's his old foe Black Manta. Aqualad blasts him back and receives word from his secret partner that he has planted a self-destruct and the island will go up in five minutes. Nightwing spots their opponent retreating and calls in Superboy, Superman, Wonder Girl, and Wonder Woman. Aquaman and Lagoon Boy attack Aqualad, knocking off his helmet, and they realize who he really is. Angry, Aqualad points out that Aquaman hid the knowledge of his true father, Black Manta, from him, and that the two teams let Aquagirl die. He fires a missile to cover his escape but Nightwing and Superboy catch up to him in the subtunnels. He holds them off long enough to tell them that there's a bomb, and they can either stop him or defuse it in the next two minutes. They go for the bomb but Nightwing realizes that it's alien tech and can't be defused in time. He tells the rest of their teams to get out while they can.

While the others escape, Superman tries to convince the Kroloteans that they're in danger. They figure that they've driven off the heroes, and open fire. The others get outside and rendezvous with the bioship where Miss Martian and her uncle are waiting. They fly away just in time as the bomb goes off, blasting Superman into the water. Aquaman and Wonder Woman pick him up and confirm that he's okay, but Superboy warns that he won't be happy that the Kroloteans died. Nightwing tells them about the alien bomb and Batman says that Young Justice may have to find out who planted it.

Aqualad rendezvouses with Black Manta, who is called to a hidden chamber. The Council of the Light is broadcasting and Vandal Savage tells Black Manta that their ally, the Competitor, is pleased with what Black Manta has accomplished. Now that Black Manta has proven himself, they appoint him to replace Ocean Master as a member of the Council.

At Mount Justice, John Stewart informs the teams that the Guardians have advised the six League members to seek justice before the High Court of Rimbor. Icon will represent them since he has experience with intergalactic tribunals, and Hawkman will accompany his wife Hawkgirl. The heroes say their goodbyes to their respective sidekicks and Nightwing assures Batman that they'll manage in their absence.