Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 12, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Hoping it gets better

    Kind of boring until the end. Aqualad's turning to the dark side was less exciting than it could have been (they shouldn't have shown his face at the beginning, and if the start was more engaging, it would have been better).

    Still kinda confused... and I can't be the only one wondering where the other original characters have gone.
  • Great Episode

    Now that's why I love Young Justice. I love when shows surprise me that way. Kaldur'ahm turning to the "Dark Side" was completely unexpected, and the logic behind it, brilliant. Betrayal (in his eyes) from both his friends and his King. That couldn't get any better.

    Loved that now Superman and Superboy relationship is that close. Like Superman said, they are like brothers. Wonder if in this universe Conner met the Kents,that would be cool.

    Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman wasn't that explored.Wonder Girl obviously worship Wonder Woman. And for the looks of it Diana is impressed and proud of her. Hope we can see more of this after Diana returns from space.

    The whole Bat-Family together, now that was a sight. But the way Batman acted to leave with the others, I don't really liked that part. I mean Batman is about right and wrong yes, but his priority has been and always been Gotham. It just not like Batman to go and leave even to face charges for what happen during the 16 hours. But we have to wait and see how this developed later on.

    I liked that Black Manta replace Ocean Master in the Light. A few said it was too fast for the light to accept him but considering the five year jump, something tells mes that Ocean Masters screw himself out of the Light and Black Manta was there ready to take action. Plus if The Light knows that now former Aqualad is with his father, that makes him a great asset for his plans.

    For the thing I don't like or get. Like one of you posted, The Green Lantern Corps didn't know anything about that attack , especially since one of his own corpsman participate on it? Really, expect me to believe that? That's a huge hole in the plot right there. The all powerful Guardians of the Universe didn't know anything about it? Even if that area of the galaxy wasn't a regular Lantern Sector, not knowing what happened there for 5 years is way to long of a time and at the very least rumors from others aliens could warn any Green Lantern or even enemies of the Lanterns and use it against them.

    Some questions are still in the air, most important: What happend to Kid Flash, Artemis and Red Arrow. Already saw a ruff looking Red Arrow circulating on the net so it looks he still like Red Arrow, unless thats a 5 year ago pic whle he was looking for the real Roy Harper. We have to wait and see on that one.

    And what about the Light Competitor? Some said it could be Darkseid and Apocalypse entering the game and it could be. But for some reason I don't see a god like him working with the Light, at least not in this show.

    Remember the first episode, the Kroloteans saw Blue Beetle and ran, I think they reconize him as part of The Reach. I am thinking that The Reach could be the Competitor. But like I said , we have to wait and see what will happen.

    Overall great episode of a great show, hope they keep with the weekly surprises.
  • Yet another awsome episode!!!

    WOOOOW!!! Alot of questions have just been answered and alot of new ones too!!! and one hell of a surprise with Aqualad, did not see that one coming yet again!! Can't wait till they show what happened to Kid Flash, Artimis, Red Arrow, and Speedy!! I have a very bad feeling that "The Competitor" has something to do with Apocalypes!?
  • Good, but flaws are starting to appear in this story already

    This episode gets thumbs up for a few reasons

    1. The first ever battle where we see all of Justice League and partners/sidekicks together in 1 fight

    2. The final revelation of what happened during the 16 hours

    3. The revelation of what happened to Aqualad

    4. I love the way they portrayed Superman

    But there are 2 flaws that each knock a mark off this episode

    1. The Guardians should've known very quickly that the Justice League, particularly a green lantern attacked another planet - ok it was mentioned, but the responsive is dismissive of the point

    2. (and this is a spoiler if you didn't see the end) It's way too soon to replace Ocean-Master as a member of the light, we haven't seen him in action yet (unless you read the companion comics, which I don't)

    I love Young Justice, and I love this direction - but again I feel like for every answer, we're left a dozen more questions