Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 13

Alpha Males

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 07, 2011 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In Northern India, Gotham City Mayor Hamilton Hill is on a tiger-hunting expedition. As he draws a bead on the tiger, pylons emerge from the forest floor and stun the creature. Hill prepares to shoot anyway, but a gorilla armed with a machine gun emerges from the jungle and fires on him.

At Mount Justice, the League is repairing the damage caused by the Red android invasion. Aqualad meets with Batman while his teammates are kept in the kitchen, and Superboy uses his super-hearing to overhear Aqualad discussing the fact that he knew there was a mole in the team. Superboy attacks him and tells the others what he's heard, and they are all unhappy that Aqualad kept the knowledge from them. Batman tells them that they'll be overseen by rotating supervisors, starting with Captain Marvel. When Young Justice worries about Red Tornado, he tells them that they'll leave Red Tornado to the League. He then brings up a newspaper story on Mayor Hill's encounter in India and explains that it is not an isolated incident, and that Young Justice will investigate it.

As the team boards the shuttle, the group complains about Aqualad's actions and the fact that Captain Marvel is going with them. They arrive in India and Aqualad tries to organize them, but Kid Flash and Robin say that they don't need instructions for a reconnaissance mission. Superboy tries to lead Miss Martian away, but she insists that he doesn't need to protect her. They go their separate ways while Captain Marvel wonders what's happening.

The sub-teams make their way through the jungle. Aqualad and Captain Marvel find the site where Hill was attacked. Aqualad worries that his teammates were right, but before they can discuss the matter, elephants and tigers wearing control collars emerge from the jungle and attack them. Elsewhere Robin and Kid Flash are attacked by vultures and they figure that the Kobra venom steroid is involved. As their teammates are attacked, Robin and Kid Flash manage to defeat the vultures attacking them. Superboy confronts a wolf pack, including the white wolf that leads them, and spots the collars.

Aqualad sees a similar collar on one of his opponents. He manages to remove it and the elephant retreats, and Aqualad tells Captain Marvel to do the same. Once the remaining elephants leave, Aqualad tries to contact the others and Captain Marvel notes that he let the others leave before Miss Martian could establish telepathic communication. Captain Marvel explains that Batman commands the League by taking command, and Aqualad realizes he needs to do the same. As the others report in by communicator and confirm that the collars are the same as the ones used at Belle Reve, Captain Marvel sees a controlled tiger and goes after it. He corners it and tries to calm it down, but pylons emerge from the ground, stunning him. The gorilla emerges from the jungle and beats his chest in triumph.

Aqualad contacts Miss Martian and tells her to establish a telepathic link, and she reluctantly does so. The others report what happened to them and continue to argue while Superboy fights the white wolf. Meanwhile, Aqualad follows the trail and learns that Captain Marvel has been abducted. He tells the others to obey him until such time as the mission is over, and then they can elect a new leader if they wish.

Captain Marvel wakes up in a laboratory and discovers that he's been paralyzed via one of the control collars. His captor prepares to operate on him to determine the effects of his powers on the brain. He tells the gorilla, Monsieur Mallah, to prepare for surgery.

The team finds the compound and Aqualad creates a gap in the pylon energy field long enough or Artemis to shoot through and disable the controls. Automated defenses and monkeys attack them. Inside, the base's owner tells Mallah to deal with Young Justice while he performs the operation.

Aqualad removes a collar from one of the attackers and tells the others to do the same. As they do so, Mallah emerges and smells Miss Martian as she tries to sneak past. Kid Flash comes to his teammate's defense.

Captain Marvel's captor prepares to operate and emerges from the shadow, revealing that he is a brain within a robotic housing. As the Brain prepares to cut open Captain Marvel, the tiger that the hero befriended earlier attacks the villain. Young Justice smashes in through the wall and Kid Flash recognizes the Brain. The villain activates pylons to stun them, but Miss Martian uses her telekinesis to grab the control unit and shut the pylons down. Mallah and the Brain fight the teens, and Superboy arrives with the white wolf under his domination. Aqualad frees Captain Marvel, who frees the tiger. The Brain realizes that they're outnumbered, shuts down the power, and uses the cover of darkness to slip away with Mallah.

Later, Kid Flash collects Mallah's beret as another souvenir. Captain Marvel checks on the tiger and tells it to make sure that the other animals are freed. Superboy apologizes to Miss Martian, who says that on missions she's his teammate, not his girlfriend. Robin asks Aqualad while he kept the information about the mole a secret, and Aqualad says that Sportsmaster was the source of the tip. The others point out that they can't trust the villain, but Aqualad admits that he couldn't ignore it, either. The others understand and support him as leader. Captain Marvel congratulates them on resolving the matter and flies off.

In Fawcett City, Captain Marvel returns home and tells his Uncle Dudley how happy he was to be with a younger team rather than the Justice League. As he goes to bed, Captain Marvel says his magic word and transforms into Billy Batson.


Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was created by C.C. Beck and first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 (1940), produced by Fawcett Comics. He had appeared briefly in Thrill Comics #1 as Captain Thunder, but a name change was forced for legal reasons. A young orphaned newsboy named Billy Batson was cast out onto the streets by his cruel uncle. Alone and homeless, he soon met a mysterious stranger who led him into an abandoned subway track and an ancient hallway. There Billy met the wizard Shazam, who told Billy that he was growing old and weak and that he needed a new champion to battle The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man: Pride, Envy, Greed, Hatred, Selfishness, Laziness, and Injustice. The old man has chosen Billy as the new champion, and by shouting "Shazam!", Billy became Captain Marvel, an adult superhero who draws his power from six gods (the first letter of each name together spells Shazam): the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, and the Speed of Mercury.

Captain Marvel was a fairly popular Golden Age character who soon found "sidekicks" in his sister, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr., a boy named Freddy Freeman granted Captain Marvel's powers to overcome crippling injuries. His rogues' gallery included the mad scientist Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, Captain Nazi (who crippled Freddy Freeman and killed his uncle), and Mister Mind, a worm with mind-controlling powers and wants to conquer the world.

DC Comics sued Fawcett for violation of their Superman copyright, and the lawsuits were resolved in 1953 when Fawcett agreed to discontinue publication of the character. Several characters named Captain Marvel appeared in various comics from other companies, but eventually DC acquired the rights to the character and confirmed that the universe of Captain Marvel was one of their parallel Earths (Earth-S). All the Earths were merged during Crisis and Captain Marvel became a hero in the "real" DC universe. C.C. Beck produced a new Shazam comic for them but Captain Marvel's origins and adventures seemed to be constantly changing and readjusting itself as the character's own comic is canceled and then revived again. Most recently as of the time this episode aired, Billy Batson was located in Fawcett City, where he works at the W.H.I.Z Radio Station and patrols the docks as a disguised Captain Marvel.

The Brain

The Brain first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 (May 1964) and was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. An unnamed scientist, the man who would become the Brain was killed but his assistant, a gorilla he had gifted with intelligence, rescued his brain and placed it in a special containment vessel. The Brain would go on to form the Brotherhood of Evil and battle the Doom Patrol and Teen Titans. He was seemingly killed in the Salvation Run mini-series. The character was also a recurring villain in the Teen Titans animated series, where he was voiced by Glenn Shadix. He possesses a genius-level IQ and has a variety of thought-triggered weapons placed in his casing

Monsieur Mallah

The captured gorilla that would become known as Mallah first appeared in Doom Patrol (vol. 1) #86 (May 1964) and was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. The villain known as the Brain raised the gorilla's intelligence, trained him for years, and finally made "Monsieur Mallah" his bodyguard and assistant. The two of them formed the Brotherhood of Evil and oppose the Doom Patrol and Teen Titans for many years. Mallah eventually died at the hands of Gorilla Grodd during the events of the Salvation Run mini-series in 2008. Mallah is a weapons expert and possesses the strength and agility of a fully-grown gorilla.