Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 10

Before the Dawn

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 05, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rescue Dawn

    Well it's been a long wait (don't ever do that again DC Nation) but it was well worth it, this was a really good follow up.

    Not much I can say so I'll be brief, well we finally find out who the partner is and it's Black Bettle. It was an interesting but wise choice he acutally turned out to be a very good opponent. I really like how menicing and he really is the perfect antisis to Blue Beetle because he has the same abilities but the thing is he's more experenced and has master them where Blue is still a rookie so that puts Black a step up. I really liked the one on one battle between them which is just great, because each of them are attacking and counterattack one by producing just a whole slew of weapons which I thought was really cool, those Bettle suits are just the weapons that never stop giving. However I feel it showed how Blue Bettle really was growing in both character and skill, it really looked like he could be more powerful than Black.

    The way the rescue was conducted was suspenseful and exciting. But there were two really profound moments when Impulse rescue's Blue Bettle he reveals the real reason why he came to the past which was to either stop or kill Blue Bettle because somehow he was the essental part in the dark future Impulse lives in. But Impulse couldn't bring himself to kill him because he saw the good man he is and became friends with. This just makes me wonder what could of made Blue turn in the future? It also made me worried about Blue's state of mind, he's always had trouble controling his powers from time to time, could that be the cupurit did he go schizoid completely at some point? And now that Blue has this knowledge of the future is it possible for him to change it?

    Another moment was when the dark side of Mggan once again rears it's ugly head as she attacks Kaldur/Aqualad's life. I'll admit I was really worried for Kaldur at that moment and thinking no Mggan don't. But as she is trying to errase Kaldur's mind she then has the truth about both him, Artimis and everything else she thankfully stops in time. Mggan then is in a state of shock in the end from truth she now holds, I'm wondering if she's going to tell anyone on the team, should she tell? But most importantly she's finally become aware of the misuse of her power; I'm getting more worried for her because she is getting dangerously close to crossing the line, once she crosses no one can save her.

    The ending sort of gives you that inbetween feeling even though the mission was a sucess. We then see the Light has made their move which is having their branch The Reach go public and proclaim themselves as friends to the world. That moment gave me a feeling of forboding, because this is step one which is silent infiltration, and from the last shot of the fleet of ships underwater step two will comince.

    The good guys have made their move but now it's their turn.
  • Oh God!

    Ok so its been rumered that Young Justice won't be aird until fricken JANUARY!!? I cant live that long without it! i mean they just had their 3 month break for summer (understandable) but another now!!?! UNEXEPTABLE!! Although, i did see this one on line and its VERRY good! and Mg'gan! WTF! superboy warned u this would happen and it did! lets just hope Kaldur is ok! and now you know everything which is stupid cuz ur not sposed to know! this season ur just like a huge bitch! hopefully this changes cuz she really is a good character!
  • copycat

    meta-gene is just a ripoff of marvel mutants.

    mutation is better idea than anything dc ever came up with, so i guess they have no choice but to copy.
  • Okay.... now what?! :-O

    Wow!! We now know who the Light's partner is (duh), there is another Blue Beetle aka Black Beetle (duh), everyones been rescued and aparently they have the Meta Gene now! (that was Static Shock sweeeet!!), Miss Martian now knows the truth! (hopefully she didn't fry Aqualad's brain!), Impulse tells Blue Beetle what he really came back in time for! and The Reach goes public?! (What the hell is the Light up to now?!) OMG!!! NOW WHAT?!!! THIS IS AWSOME!!! :-) :-) :-)
  • where did all the cowboys go?

    i've looked all over the internet and i can find no explaination for y GL and young justice were not on...i can say that the dragons episode that aired was the newest 1 which was supposed 2 b on last wednesday but although the guide said it was on it was not....i still havent seen it on piratebay or iso....i just wish cartoon netwok would tell us when they moved our program 2....i doubt its canceled...i also noticed hat the wikipedia page 4 both young justice and GL list the names of the next few episodes but as of these missing episodes have stopped listing the airdates....that is strange 2 and makes me wonder if we have 2 wait awhile b4 the show starts airing again
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