Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 26, 2012 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In El Paso, teenager Tye Longshadow goes to the bus stop and calls his friend Jamie at home. He says that he's had enough of his mother's boyfriend Maurice pushing him around and is leaving for Houston. Jamie tells him to wait but Tye hangs up on him. Someone grabs him from the shadows before he can catch the bus.

At home, Jamie transforms into Blue Beetle and flies to the bus depot, arguing with his scarab over wasting their powers to rescue a teenager. As they land, Jamie transforms back to his civilian garb and talks to the clerk, who says that the bus for Houston just left.

Miss Martian, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Bumblebee undertake a mission to Qurac. As they head in, Nightwing briefs them by communicator and informs them that the trail of Apokolips alien technology, including the bomb that destroyed Malina Island, appears to have originated from Qurac. The country's ruler, Queen Bee, has taken over neighboring Bialya as well, and Nightwing is sending a female team since Queen Bee can control men's minds.

The next day, Jamie goes to talk to Shelly, Tye's mother. She doesn't seem concerned about her son and says that Maurice and Tye had another fight. Shelly doesn't take Tye's threat to run away seriously, and Maurice comes in. He works as the school janitor and accuses Jamie of ditching, but Jamie tells him that he has a free period and is looking for his friend. Jamie tries to talk to the janitor while dealing with the scarab's telepathic advice, and barely manages to restrain it from attacking Maurice. Shelly separates them and ushers Jamie out, and suggests that Tye went to visit his grandfather Holling.

The Young Justice team arrives in Bialya and tracks down boom tube activity. One site is an advanced military base and the team splits up to sneak in. Wonder Girl has to stay behind because she has no stealth abilities, much to her disappointment. Once the others leave, she spots a truck arriving with several villains: Psimon, Icicle Jr., Mammoth, Shimmer, and Devastation. The team is telepathically linked but Wonder Girl can't warn the others without giving them away to Psimon. She flies inside and locates Miss Martian, and they split up to warn the others. However, the super-strong Devastation spots Wonder Girl and leaps up into the air, bringing her down.

Jamie goes to see Holling, an old Indian who lives in a trailer park. The old man explains that he hasn't seen Tye in a few weeks, and that the boy is descended from Mescalero Apache chiefs. Holling believes that Tye has set out to find his destiny. The scarab tells Jamie that it should conduct a hostile interrogation, but Jamie restrains it again and asks if Maurice might be responsible. Holling explains that Tye's father led the Apache council and Maurice was jealous of him and now Tye. However, he assures Jamie that Maurice had nothing to do with Tye's disappearance. The old man talks about Jamie and how the answers will come to him once he makes peace with the one inside of him. The scarab tells Jamie that Holling knows about it and advises immediate termination, but Jamie restrains it again and leaves before it can manifest the Blue Beetle armor.

At the hangar, alarms g off and Icicle Jr. checks on Devastation. They realize that she isn't alone and he prepares to kill Wonder Girl. She breaks free and flies away. Meanwhile, Bumblebee finds Batgirl in the vents, and they descend into an ancient cavern that the Bialya soldiers are using as a base of operations. Batgirl locates a cargo plane and a landing strip that leads out of the cavern via a hole in the cliff face. She also finds suspended animation containers holding dozens of teenagers. Before Batgirl can contact the others, Psimon knocks her out with a telepathic blast. He has the other villains place the heroine in a canister, despite Icicle Jr.'s warning that she'll draw attention and their other victims have been strays and runaways. Psimon is unconcerned, well aware that Batman is off-planet. While they load the canisters onto the cargo plane, Bumblebee overhears their plans and flies outside.

That night, Jamie breaks into the tool shed where Maurice works at the school, figuring Tye is inside. Maurice catches him and prepare to beat him, and Jamie manages to restrain the scarab. He accuses Maurice of abducting Tye so that he can become chief, but Maurice says that there's no pay in being a tribal chieftain. Jamie manages to get the shed door open and discovers that Maurice is smuggling pirated games and DVDs. Maurice tells him to forget what he's seen and insists that he doesn't know where Tye is. The scarab analyzes his voice patterns and confirms that Maurice is telling the truth. As he leaves, Jamie vows to notify the authorities about Maurice's black market business, but wonders what really happened to his friend.

Out in the desert, Wonder Girl and Miss Martian wait for their teammates. Wonder Girl worries that she screwed up by letting the villains sport her, but Miss Martian assures her that it's okay. Bumblebee arrives and tells them what happened, and says that she has a plan.

The villains finish loading the cargo plane, unaware that Miss Martian has knocked out Shimmer and shapeshifted into her form. Bumblebee flies into the plane and frees Batgirl, explains what happened, and tells her that she's the only one of the four of them that knows how to fly the plane.

As Miss Martian secure the hangar, Psimon spots her and engages her in psychic battle. While he can't move against her, he can hold her while his teammates kill her. However, Batgirl starts up the plane and Psimon sends the others to stop it. Bumblebee tries to stop them but Icicle Jr. closes the hangar door and Devastation breaks into the cockpit. Wonder Girl rips the cliff face door open and then fights Devastation aboard the plane as it taxis forward. Bumblebee stuns Psimon with a stinger blast and Miss Martian is then able to knock out Icicle Jr.

As Wonder Girl and Devastation fight, the heroine knocks Devastation into Mammoth. However, Mammoth recovers and throw a forklift at the plane, knocking off the wings. Its momentum takes it out of the cliff face and then it plummets toward the ground. Wonder Girl is unable to hold it so Miss Martian summons the bioship and tows it away.

The team returns to Mount Justice and Nightwing informs them that Psimon telepathically controlled his doctors into believing he was still a captive. Miss Martian scanned the villain's mind during their psychic duel and confirmed that Queen Bee was sending the abductees to a mysterious Partner, and she captured all of the runaways after the destruction of Malina Island and the Kroloteans. The team members worry that they failed but Nightwing assures them that even if they don't have all the answers, they still saved the runaways and their mission was a success.

Back at the base in Bialya, Queen Bee oversees the shipment of a second group of runaways... including Tye.



Devastation first appeared in Wonder Woman #143 (April 1999) and was created by Eric Luke. Cronus, the father of the Titans, crafted a mirror image of Wonder Woman from clay and gave her many of the same abilities. He then set her out to defeat Wonder Woman, and Devastation used Wonder Girl as a pawn to get at the heroine. When she failed, she became obsessed with Wonder Girl and later formed a group of teen villains to battle Young Justice. This is her first animated appearance.

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