Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 11, 2011 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In the desert of Bialya, Miss Martian wakes up and tries to figure out where she is. She realizes on Earth, not Mars, but has no idea how she got there or why she's wearing a costume. Superboy slams into the desert nearby and glowers at her, but Miss Martian doesn't know who he is. She does recognize the S symbol on his chest as belonging to Superman. Superboy attacks her briefly and she fends him off with her telekinesis, and he goes leaping across the desert. The next morning, Robin makes his way across the desert when he sees a jeep with Bialyan soldiers pass nearby. He checks his wrist computer and realizes that it's September, not March, and has no idea where his memories of the last six months have gone. He considers calling Batman, but remembers his mentor's advice to maintain radio silence at all costs. As he heads out, Robin finds a piece of Superboy's shirt. In a cabin in the desert, Kid Flash and Artemis wake up, and wonder why they're wearing stealth costumes. They don't know each other, and Artemis figures that it's a test by her father, who wants her to kill Kid Flash. They hear an incoming missile and get out just in time, and Bialyan soldiers open fire on them. Artemis tries to shoot back, and Kid Flash superspeeds her to safety and tries to figure out what's going on. Miss Martian flies across the desert and tries to remember what happened to her. She stops to concentrate, and starts to remember her team being called to the mission room for an assignment. Miss Martian flies off to find her friends. Kid Flash slows down and checks his food supply, and realizes that they've been out in the desert for at least 24 hours. Superboy suddenly attacks them, throwing Kid Flash aside and going after Artemis. The soldiers open fire again, and Miss Martian hears the commotion. As she flies toward the fight, Superboy attacks the soldiers' tanks. Kid Flash runs away with Artemis, but two fighters open fire on them. As Artemis shoots back, Miss Martian tells them telepathically that she's on their way. She disposes of the planes and lands, and Kid Flash assumes that she's Martian Manhunter at first. She explains that Martian Manhunter is her uncle, and she's starting to remember them, and takes them to find Superboy and Robin. The soldiers have restrained Superboy and Psimon, a mind controller, telepathically subdues the young hero. They drive off, unaware that Aqualad is lying in the nearby desert, unconscious. That night, Robin follow the signal of a GPS marker that he placed in the desert, and soldiers emerge from hiding to attack him on the orders of their queen. Robin takes them on but is outnumbered until Kid Flash and the others arrive to help. They compare notes and realize that they are teammates with Superboy, and they work for Batman. Miss Martian says that they must let her enter their memories so she can pull together what they know into one cohesive whole. Artemis is reluctant, and Kid Flash convinces her to agree to let Miss Martian check only the last six months. They remember Batman sending them to investigate a massive power surge, possibly alien in origin. The team finally realizes that Aqualad is their leader, and Robin locates him on his scanners. At the desert base, the scientists torture Superboy, while a nearby alien sphere that landed and they captured reacts. Young Justice finds Aqualad, who is dangerously dehydrated. Kid Flash is low on energy and Miss Martian insists that she has to help Superboy, who didn't exist six months ago. She telepathically senses Superboy's pain and goes off on her own to rescue him. She invisibly enters the base camp, knocks out the scientists, and frees Superboy. However, Psimon senses her and gives her a telepathic command to forget. She starts to remember infiltrating the camp and finding the alien device. However, Psimon detected her and telepathically hacked her link to her teammates to make them forget. As Psimon starts to erase her memories again, Miss Martian marshals her mental forces but Psimon easily smashes them apart. Robin and the others get Aqualad to cover, and the team realizes that they're out of resources. As Robin sneaks off on his own, Artemis claims that her story about her father wanting her to kill him was something she saw on TV. They start to argue as before, and Robin returns to tell them that he broke radio silence. In the nearby desert, the soldiers are distracted by recordings that Robin left of himself, laughing. They go off and Robin says it's time to move off. Psimon continues his mental attack on Miss Martian, boasting that she's no match for his powers. In the tent, Superboy wakes up and uses his vision powers to spot the invisible Miss Martian. The alien sphere starts spinning and breaks free of its supports, and Superboy breaks free. He tries to attack Psimon but is deflected by a mental shield. Superboy is pulled into the mindscape and Miss Martian telepathically awakens his memories of everything that has happened since he was "born." He tells Miss Martian to kick Psimon's butt, and she unleashes a new mental attack. In the tent, the sphere knocks out the approaching soldiers as Superboy comes back to reality. He hesitantly thanks the sphere and goes after the other soldiers. Miss Martian continues her telepathic assault on Psimon, putting him on the defensive. An energy vortex spring up around the two telepaths, and Superboy enters it to take Miss Martian's hand. Combining their mental force, they overwhelm Psimon and the energy vortex spreads out, blasting him away. Superboy and Miss Martian share a moment together and start to kiss, and the sphere rolls up to them. In neighboring Qurac, the others get Aqualad to the bioship. Aqualad wakes up and Miss Martian telepathically restores his memories along with the others. They fly back and the sphere accompanies them. Later, Psimon reports to the Light Board of Directors and informs them that Young Justice escaped with the sphere. They say that their new partner's delivery system has proven successful, and they will receive new tech that will be far more powerful than the sphere and Superboy. ----- Psimon Dr. Simon Jones first appeared in New Teen Titans #3 and was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. A physicist, Jones made contact with the extra-dimensional tyrant Trigon. Trigon gave him psychic abilities and a mutated form, and recruited him as his minion on Earth. Taking the name Psimon, and becoming a villain, Jones formed the Fearsome Five, a group of villains that battled the Teen Titans. Psimon has seemingly died and came back several times, and has teamed up with other villains. He has vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and limited physical prowess.