Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 02, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Impulse... Finally ! ! !

    The episode I was waiting for since Young Justice started is finally here. Finally Bart IMPULSE Allen is here.

    Don't get me wrong I love Wally, and this interpretation of the character is fantastic. But I'm a guy who grew up reading the Young Justice comic and loved the originals. Now that Bart is "stuck" in the past, that means that sooner or later there MUST BE the team up of: Superboy, Robin(Tim Drake), Impulse and Wonder Girl or at the very least the original three. I mean the producer JUST HAVE TO DO IT, they won't tease us bringing Bart and not doing it.

    All in all, great episode, for the first time we saw ALL the speedster that have been in one point or another The Flash in comics so it was great.

    We have to wait and see what will happen down the road.

    WHile Loralee has been in love with Impulse since Smallville. I have been in love with him since his debut comic back in 1995. I was absolutely ecstatic to see him in the Young Justice cartoon, since he was in the Young Justice Comic. I am also ecstatic to see that the episode was written by Peter David, one of my favorite Comic book writers, who wrote the YJ comic.

    The only difference I was sad that they did not keep with this Bart was the fact that he thought in pictures instead of words. SInce his origin story is very different, that makes sense. This overall episode gives me hope that the new Young Justice team will be solid. If Impulse joins, I will be very pleased. Now if they get Arrowette and Little Lobo I will be very happy.

  • Can we talk about the crazy that was Bloodline!

    guys, I'm back to talk about the crazy that was Bloodline!

    OHH MAN!!

    K, IDK where to startK. I'll start with the fact the little Mrs. Jade deemed it appropriate to bring a 6ish month old baby with her to TibetYou know what, FINE! Lets pretend no one knows she had Roys (what R we calling him now?) baby! No one knew, and it's been like a year now and she kept that crap hidden. Good for her! Her sister has no idea, and I guess she hid out in a cave. WHY NOT!

    But I am not gonna watch this show and believe that the old? new evil kept the Real Harper in a cold room surrounded by about a hundred guards, that NOT ONLY let these young adults slip past them, but were ALL taken down by them? And they have no injuries from said event? But somehow The Real Harper has no arm!?!!! What kind of Hell did he have to go thought to end up with no freaking arm people?!

    Also that baby who's old enough to have teeth, and begin talking can now identify her 'dad', understand Roy IS INDEED her father, AND realize there are two in front of her in order to say 'dadddys'? NOO! I draw my foot at THAT! Yes, I'll believe somehow this child didn't break its neck from all the fighting while her mother held her, But NOT THIS! NOOO!

    .K, guys, on to the 'A' plot line.

    So IN LOVE w Impulse! You guys don't even know! I LOVED him in Smallville! SOO BAD!!! I LOVE his voice! (@TheGuyFromTheWeekenders) I could tell I'd love him the flashback. And I was happy I spotted a dif. In his attitude, only to see a flashback showing that he's actually serious, AND funny.He's like Trunks from DragonBall Zwell Trunks was never funny, but you get the point.

    Verrrry happy Flash didn't die, and Kid Flash is still w Artemis/KF. I wasn't ready 4 him to join the JL.

    ALSO, I'm REALLY hoping this is the start of a bunch of time lines, and by the end of this season we will be 5 years in the past again/back to normal! Cuz we've jumped 40 years ahead, and it didn't fix the future, so I think they'll have to go back to 2011/when everything was normal.

    I just don't love the new team like I did the old. I'm holding out 4 something better.

    Also, I love that KF & NighwIng still have such a bromance!

    And not just because it had all three of my favourite characters from DC (Tim Drake, Lian Harper and Bart Allen). The writing was amazing, I love how Cheshire and Roy took Lian on a mission and all she could do was giggle at the violence, plus Red Arrows disturbance at it and Cheshires "It's genetic". Bart Allen was hillarious, as always. Normally it annoys me when shows change a characters back story but this time I didn't mind and actually found it more intriguing then comic canon. Nightwings knockout was especially awesome and Robin is just awesome because he's Tim Drake. Like I said best episode ever.
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