Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 02, 2012 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Cheshire and Red Arrow land in the bell tower, Red Arrow's left hand is bare in one shot and then instantly covered in a glove in the next shot.

  • Quotes

    • Robin: What's a meta-gene?
      Beast Boy: Never met a gene I didn't like.

    • Red Arrow: I still don't buy it, Chesh. It's too easy. The good guys have been looking for the real Roy Harper for years. And suddenly you...
      Cheshire: I go to places the good guys don't.

    • Robin: You're a tourist from the future?
      Impulse: Why so surprised? Half the meat at Comic Con are from my era.

    • Robin: Is it possible he might actually be telling the truth? Could he really be from the future?
      Beast Boy: Tell us something we don't know yet. When do I become leader of the team? When do I join the Justice League? When do I get my own reality series?

    • Flash: Stay put. I'll be back in a flash. (runs off)
      Impulse: Heh. "Back in a flash." Wow. Does he say that often?
      Everyone: (sighing) Too often.

    • Kid Flash: I didn't see that.
      Impulse: You don't have the Allen family eyes.
      Kid Flash: Don't make me hurt you.

    • Red Arrow: Should I be concerned over the obvious delight our daughter takes in the ultra violence?
      Cheshire: It's genetic.
      Red Arrow: Great.

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