Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 06, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Avalanche

    This was a really good episode because we see things are getting even darker. There's not much to say, what I like about the episode is it's pritty much your esponage thriller story, it's the typical sittuation where the double agent is asked to complete a difficult task. What makes this suspenseful is that it chalanges the agent's ethical boundaries but also hoping somehow they agent has something up his slieve while trying to maintain cover.

    I liked how there was a little subplot with Rocket and her boyfriend (forgot his name) even though it wasn't very long, I felt it was sad in a suttle way because as we see Rocket invest her time in the lab, we see the guy leave and she doesn't even notice. It just really told me about their relationship that's it's not good, Rocket has became emotionally distant somehow, I'm just wondering if it's because she loves Aqualad or something. I don't know but I just have a feeling it's another number in the equasion about to add up.

    I'll admit it was a sinking feeling seeing some of the team members defeated and capture, but most of all just seeing their base destroyed. It just goes to show how human these superheroes truely are, that the good guys don't always win or are truely safe. Though it could also be seen as a metaphor of innocence lost and they've finally assended into adulthood as we see the new or temproary base of opporations being "The Hall of Justice", so playtime is over for Young Justice.

    And of course we see how it all comes together, how Aqualad was able to pass the info on to Nightwing to free the captured members and everything else about the light. As well as how he helped give time for Nightwing and the rest to escape. I liked what Nightwing says about saving the world, it's really says that doing the right thing can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. Wally I feel is wrong about Aqualad (and probably a red herring) but he has a point about one thing, things are getting out of control and like all ops there is or should be some limitations. Aqualad and the rest involved in the Black Op better find out the identity of the new partner of the Light and make the sting soon because time is running out, for Young Justice and the World.
  • One word...AWESOME!!!

    Let's not wait for next week...BRING ON THE NEXT EPISODE....I'm GOING CRAZY HERE with the cliffhanger :D :D :D
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is happening!?!

    awwww man!!! okay so like i agree with Nightwing, because everything they do is all to save the world from the invasion, and because of that they need to make everything look real and stuff; but I also agree with Kid Flash because, HOLLY CRAP! they fricken BLEW UP mt. Justice!!! its sad! there were soooooo many happy memories there, and some of them live there! where will they live and get missions and hang out now!?! and, what if someone had gotton hurt? this is starting to get out of control! I just dont know who to root for!!! and, when is like half of the Justice League gonna return and what are they gunna say about all of this!? and also, how are they gonna get back if theres a shield thingy around the Earth? or is that just for zeta beams? Im sooo confused! omg! this show is soooo adicting and i cant wait to see the next episodes!

    Holy CRAP!! This is starting to get out of hand now! Kid Flah does make good point about Aqualad and it is now confirmed (I'm sorry to say) that Tula is dead, also three more members of the team are kidnaped, and Mt. Justice is gone! - HOWEVER!! - It WORKED!! Aqualad is now a member of the Light!! This gonna be BIG!! The suspence is killing me!! :-)
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