Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 18, 2011 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In New Orleans, a grey-haired man with a cane, Kent Nelson, passes by Madame Xanadu's fortune-telling shop. After looking at a locket with a picture of a young woman, Nelson goes inside and asks Madame Xanadu to make contact with his dead wife, Inza. Madame Xanadu agrees and claims to speak with his wife's voice, but Nelson dismisses her as a fraud and points out the machines she uses to perpetuate her fraud. A bearded man comes out of the shadows, grabs Nelson, and tells her that he'll soon be with his wife, and teleports away with his captive. As Madame Xanadu fleets, Nelson's discarded cane floats into the air and then vanishes. At Mount Justice a few weeks later, Aqualad and Superboy spar while Artemis and Miss Martian look on. They discuss who they should date: Artemis suggests Aqualad for Miss Martian, and Miss Martian jokingly suggests that Artemis date Wally. Red Tornado arrives and Wally complains that Robin is on a mission with Batman, and asks if they can help him on a mission. The android explains that Kent Nelson, the mystical hero known as Dr. Fate, has disappeared for almost a month. Wally is skeptical, noting that there is no such thing as magic. Miss Martian volunteers to help, and Kid Flash volunteers so he can be with her, and Red Tornado gives them the key to Fate's sanctum, the Tower of Fate. The team arrives in Salem, unaware that a cat named Teekl is watching them from the shadows. It enters a nearby abandoned theater and jumps up on a chair with its master, Klarion the Witch Boy. Klarion is watching as the bearded man, Abra Kadabra, tortures Kent Nelson for the location of the Tower of Fate. Teekl warns Klarion that someone has arrived. The team searches the nearby empty field at the coordinates that Red Tornado gave them. Aqualad finally steps forward and places the key into thin air, and the Tower appears around it. They go inside and the door disappears behind them. A mystical image of Kent Nelson appears before them and queries them to their intent. Kid Flash claims that they're true believers, and the floor collapses beneath them, dropping them into a fiery pit. Artemis manages to break her fall, grabbing Aqualad, while Superboy only stops himself after his feet have touched the lava. Klarion and Abra Kadabra take Kent into the Tower and enter a study, and a mystic image of Nelson appears. Using a voice synthesizer, Abra Kadabra makes it appear that Nelson is giving the image permission for them to enter. Miss Martian tries to hold up Kid Flash above the lava, but the extreme heat weakens her. She realizes that they need to answer the question truthfully, and calls out that Red Tornado sent them to confirm that Nelson is safe. The floor covers over the pit, and Artemis complains that Kid Flash endangered them by claiming he's a true believer. He admits that he lied and insists that everything can be explained by science. Aqualad suggest they test the theory and opens a portal in the floor, revealing snow beneath. They drop through and find themselves on a barren snowfield. Nelson's cane hangs in the air ahead of them. Artemis and Kid Flash both grab it, and discover they can't let go. It lifts up into the air and disappears with the two of them. Nelson's captors wander through the maze of stairways within the Tower. When he refuses to tell them the location of the Helmet, Abra Kadabra tortures him and demands answers. As they look for their comrades, Aqualad explains that Kid Flash attempts to control his environment by explaining it in scientific terms. Kid Flash and Artemis appear in the maze and Nelson moves them into a hidden elevator so they can escape. He tells them that Abra Kadabra uses science to simulate magic, but Klarion is an agent of Chaos, and Fate is an agent of Order. Nelson admires the cameo of Inza and warns that if Klarion gets the Helmet of Fate, he'll take control of the planet and spread chaos. They enter a chamber with a huge bell just as Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Artemis drop in. Nelson rings the bell and teleports them to the roof of the tower, where the Helmet of Fate is kept. As they get to the roof, Klarion launches an attack and Nelson creates a protective bubble. His heart weakened, he tells Kid Flash to have faith and believe, and then collapses. Kid Flash tries to revive the old man with CPR, while the others hold off Abra Kadabra only fall prey to his super-science "magic." Klarion tries to burn through the mystic bubble, and Kid Flash takes the Helmet of Fate. Klarion warns that if he puts it on, it can't be removed, but Kid Flash ignores him. He dons the Helmet and finds himself in a mystic void. Nelson appears and explains that once the fight is over, his spirit will ascend and he'll be reunited with Inza. Both of their souls were pulled into the Helm, and they can only wait until Nabu, the master of Fate, defeats Klarion. In the real world, Klarion attempts to overwhelm Nabu, who is using Kid Flash's body to take on the form of Dr. Fate. The two agents of Chaos and Order are evenly matched. Within the Helm, Kid Flash feels the effects that Klarion's spells are having on his body, and suggests that he use his super-speed with Dr. Fate's magic. Nelson says it doesn't work that way. Klarion overwhelms Dr. Fate, but the hero rallies and explains that he uses a human host. However, Klarion does not. Dr. Fate attacks Teekl and reminds Klarion that without his familiar, he has no anchor in reality. The evil sorcerer quickly flees Earth's reality. Young Justice discovers that Abra Kadabra has been stripped of his costume's powers by Fate's magic, and Superboy easily knock him out. Kid Flash discovers that Nabu has refused to give up his body. Nelson warns that Kid Flash's body is unsuitable, and says that the teenage will find a suitable host for the Helm. Until then, Nelson will remain alive to guard it. Nabu accepts, and Nelson tells Kid Flash to find a woman like Inza. Kid Flash removes the Helmet and goes to Nelson's body, putting the pocket watch in his hand. Later, Kid Flash puts the Helmet of Fate on his shelf with the other souvenirs he's collected. Artemis comes in and asks what happened, and he gives her a scientific explanation of what happened. She's disgusted that he refuses to accept magic and walks off, and Kid Flash considers Nelson's words... and then goes to find Miss Martian and ask her out on a date. ---- Dr. Fate Dr. Fate first appeared in More Fun Comics #45 (May 1940) and was created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman. Originally Kent Nelson, the 12-year-old son of archaeologists who were killed while unearthing an ancient sorcerer, Nabu. Nabu taught the boy vast magicks, gave him a golden helm and amulet, and matured him to adulthood, then "died" and apparently merged with Fate's golden helmet. Fate's powers have varied over the years and on occasion he wore the golden helmet without the bottom half. Not one of the more popular Golden Age heroes despite his Justice Society membership, he was brought into the Silver Age as an "Earth-2" hero (as were most of the Golden Age heroes). His popularity grew substantially upon his "return" and he had several mini-series and played a substantial role in various crossovers. It was later revealed that the helmet held the spirit of Nabu, who could take over Nelson and/or make him less human. Through an elaborate series of rewritings and retcons, Nelson later died and has had several successors. Currently, Kent V. Nelson, the grandson of Kent Nelson, is Dr. Fate and an occasional member of the JSA. Klarion the Witch Boy Klarion (real name Klarion Bleak) first appeared in The Demon Vol. 1 #7 (Mar. 1973) and was created by Jack Kirby. Klarion is a young boy from another dimension called Witch World, where everyone is at least slightly skilled in black magic. Klarion practices the dark arts, but was unhappy that adults were constantly telling him what to study and what to do with his powers. One day, Klarion and his cat, Teekl, opened a gateway to another universe, through which they traveled - hoping to learn as much as they could about witchcraft, causing some destruction and chaos along the way. On his journey, Klarion encountered the demon Etrigan (with whom he developed a great rivalry) and various members of the Justice League. Klarion mastered sorcery, and continued to use his magic to wreak havoc, while Teekl was also able to increase her agility and strength under Klarion's direction. Abra Kadabra Abra Kadabra (real name Abharakadhararbarakh) first appeared in Flash Vol. 1 #28 (May 1962) and was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. Born into the 64th century, a world ruled by the Chronarch and his Central Clockworks where stage magic was made out-of-date by science, Abra rebelled against the Chronarch - therefore being labeled as a criminal and being banished to "ancient times" (the 20th century). In the 20th century, Abra used his future technology to become a criminal and don the name "Abra Kadabra". Abra is a master sorcerer whose spells can accomplish just about anything. Although Abra's powers were originally limited to 64th century technology, a deal with the villain Neron gave Abra the powers of a real sorcerer. Madame Xanadu Madame Xanadu first appeared in Doorway to Nightmare #1 (February 1978) and was created by David Micheline, Val Mayerik, and Michael William Kaluta. It is eventually explained that she is Nimue Inwudu, the younger daughter of Morgaine Le Fay. She has survived down the centuries using a bargain with Death to become unaging, spending some time in the court of Xanadu with Kublai Khan. She eventually sought atonement for her sins and constructed a fortune-telling shop where she advises clients who face mystical threats. Although she can't involve herself directory, Xanadu is able to capture the threats that her clients defeat and contain them within her shop. She has served as a mystical advisor to various heroes and government organizations, and is currently blind due to a curse placed upon her by the Spectre. Xanadu is a proficient sorceress who uses tarot cards to interpret what she mystically senses, and can cast minor spells of levitation, banishing, teleportation, etc.