Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 18, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • This kind of magic should be bringing Wonder Girl in sooner.

    Despite the great places in the tower, I can say that this is the least episode I'm not fond of. But I've got a feeling that Wonder Girl will wear the Helmet of Fate and Nabu acknowledge her as a determined leader. that would be a good plot in some episode in Invasion. Can you imagine that John Bryne described her as a tow-headed tomboyish girl who soon becomes a leader of her team? Better watch episodes of season 2.
  • I love Magic episodes. Especially ones with Dr. Fate. Why did they have to kill off Dr. Fate though? And since when does the Helmet of Fate take control of you instead of you controlling it? I love Klarion's sense of humor. The creators did a good job of

    his animation design. He looks almost exactly the same when he was depicted in the DCAU. I know that Flash is a man of Science but seriously he was really making me mad with his Skeptic attitude towards magic. But at the end i didnt expect his body to be actually controlled by the Helmet of Fate. I hope that they will bring back Dr. Fate in the near future and make Wally a believer in Magic or better yet the next Dr. Fate. That's all i really have to say about this epsiode, Yey 100 words. . . .
  • A good episode. It isn't the best though.

    I liked this one only because of the great animation and camera work. All of the Young Justice episodes have great animation and camera work. I did not find this episode special or anything in terms of plot or action or even for the choice of voice actors. This is probably my least favorite episode out of the episodes thus far. The very first episode, "Independence Day", is probably my second least favorite. This is the first episode since the first that I have given less that an 8.5. Oh, and is it just me or was the whole Kid Flash, Artemis, and Miss Martian's side story really annoying and lame?