Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 18, 2011 on Cartoon Network



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    • Red Tornado: This is Kent Nelson, a friend. He is 106 years old...
      Kid Flash: Guy doesn't look a day over 90.
      Red Tornado: ...and he has been missing for twenty-three days. Kent was a charter member of the Justice Society, the precursor to your mentors' Justice League.
      Aqualad: Of course. Nelson was Earth's sorcerer supreme! He was Doctor Fate!
      Kid Flash: (scoffs) More like "Doctor Fake." Guy knows a little advanced science and "Dumbledores" it up to scare the bad guys and impress the babes.

    • Abra Kadabra: Tell us how to find the Helmet.
      Kent Nelson: Can't. Having too much fun.
      Abra Kadabra: (electrocutes him) Still having fun?
      Klarion: I am! Zap 'im again! Or dump him off the side, and watch him splat!

    • (Superboy loses his boots to the lava)
      Superboy: Those were my favorite boots! This Nelson guy better be worth it.

    • Madame Xanadu: Then madame will make contact, if fate be kind.
      Kent Nelson: But he so rarely is.

    • Miss Martian: But you know who would make the cutest couple? You and Wally. You're so full of passion, and he's so full of... uh...
      Artemis: It.

    • Miss Martian: Having trouble.. maintaining altitude. I'm so hot.
      Kid Flash: You certainly are.
      Artemis: Wally!
      Kid Flash: Hey, inches above sizzling death, I'm entitled to speak my mind!

    • Dr. Fate: Without your familiar, you have no anchor in this reality.
      Klarion: Bully! Killjoy! Geezer! (Dr. Fate shoots a mystical blast) Holy crap! We're out of here!

    • Kid Flash: Wait! What happened to you ascending? Seeing Inza?
      Kent Nelson: So you believe now, eh? Don't sweat it, kid. I'll spend a few millennia here, then see Inza. That's the great thing about eternity--it's eternal.

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