Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 09, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • SaveYJFan

    who do the fans write to keep YJ on air. i think all the fans need to come together and fight to save YJ. i know it may sound a little extreme but i will to petition the creators and the network to give the fans what they and i want YJ to stay on the air.
  • 2x7 - Depths

    This was soooo good. I was at the edge of my seat wanting to know everything.
  • Robin

    Its great wen is the next episode

    coming out ??
  • Tip of the Arrow

    This is another great one and I hope there will be more futher on. I really liked seeing Artimis again she's my favorate female in the group and I liked how we see a little bit of her reationship with Bart and how far it truely want, both are living together.

    She had good chemestry with some of the members again, I liked her reaction on going back to the team it's that feeling we all get when we come back someplace where even though were back nothing is the same. The action is good as usual, my favorate moment was seeing Tim/Nightwing use the Arnise sticks on Black Manta's henchmen the chorigraphy was spot on (hope we get to see him use them more), on a side note the Arnise sticks are my second favorate weapon in the Martial Arts I practice.

    I liked the reveal in the Megann and Connor relationship and it made me feel really sad for Conor and disapointed in Megaan. What Megann did was wrong, her abuse in her superpowers is like an addict that abuses drugs, though she she's becoming less like herself which makes me worried. I don't doubt Connor still does love her but she just can't have him if she doesn't clean her act up, I also don't think he's going to wait forever he could move on depending on how the season goes.

    As for the Lagan guy he is a total blowhole. The guy comes off as a Jock (and I don't mean the good kind) just an egotistical moron let alone picks on Connor for no reason. Connor isn't the only one that doen't like him but Beast Boy, even Tim/Nightwing and may'be even Artimis in one moment when Lagan looked like he was trying hit on her with one comment he makes. This makes me even more disapointed in Megann because I know she can do better, she should settle for less. Even though he got captured in the end I didn't feel sorry for him because that's what you get for incompitance, Lagan violated the Marine code to always stick and work with your squad.

    The last moments were griping when we see Artimis was dead it really made my heart sink. However when we the twist at the end which was a strange sense of relief when we see the death was a ruse all part of a black op that is being conducted by Nightwing, so Artimis is alive. But the other relief was discovering that Aqualad was really undercover, so fans of the character you can stop freting. It also puts him and all the others in a sympathetic light because you understand all of what he has to go though all to infiltrate the bad guys and protect humanity. We also see that Bart is a part of the Black Op as well and why both Artimis and him were out of the limelight for a while; may'be even Zantana when we hear about the amulet she reacently gave Tim/Nightwing, their realationship just like with Artimis and Bart went deep.

    Once again there are more questions, like how and when did Aqualad, Nightwing, Artimis, Zantana, and Kid Flash begin the Black Op? What more happened in that five year gap? And of course the revolving question of the season is who is the unseen partner of the Light? Could it be another big player in the DC rogue galary we haven't seen yet, if anyone I could imagine Promethus, I'd love to see him in this show he's one of my favorate super villians. Or may'be it's another insider, may'be one of the new members of Young Justice, this one might be unlikely since the mole card has been played in the first season already but then again what do we know about most of the newbies. Well we'll have to just wait and see.
  • A Surprising Episode!

    This episode through into question, everything we thought we knew, but we'll get into that later.

    Not only was it great to see Artemis again, but great to see her interact with her old friends, even Conner ^^ . I loved the way she said his name :P .

    I've always shipped Robart as well as Wallart, so it was nice to some Robin/Artemis interaction in this episode.

    The action in this episode was just too amazing for words, most of it by Artemis and Robin.

    I'm very surprised about the MM/SB breakup reveal. That scene was so sad. How she could have done that too him, bothered me so much. I knew they were throwing hints at us about her powers. She's been using them almost too proficiently this season. She could be as much dangerous as she is helpful to Earth.

    I was about to cry when Artemis "died" and almost wanted to punch the Aqualad through the TV, especially when he said "Welcome back" as he was "stabbing" her! So shocking! Then, I was very surprised when Robin, Kid, Artemis, and Aqua's plan was revealed. I was totally under the belief that Aqualad was truly evil. On a brighter note, I knew Robin and Zatanna had something going on over the year skip! They are such a great couple :D .

    Overall, a twist-filled episode andf can't wait for mid season.
  • I hate to be left hanging...

    I hope theres new episodes coming, or is this a season finale without being a finale, i hate those.
  • There's a new mole!

    I would have given this episode an 8 purely for the psychic static gag alone. Thankfully, though, there's enough character development and jaw-droppers to rival the best of what the series has offered to date.

    That cold opening showing Nightwing attempting and failing to resuscitate a deceased Artemis was rather bleak for an alleged kids toon, and once again reminds us that Young Justice isn't afraid to highlight some of the darker elements of being a hero. Likewise, the fallout of Connor and Meghan is so delicately handled (not to mention complex and touching) that other live-action shows could take note on how to address such huge, emotional issues within such a small time-frame.

    I think I would have preferred a little more time to adjust to Caldur as a villain, especially because he makes such a compelling one. So the reveal that he's still on the right side of the fence was a tad underwhelming. But I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that when he stabbed Artemis (in another chillingly dark scene) and quipped ''welcome back'', I had a hard time lifting my jaw up off of the floor. That's how you milk drama.

    There's very little fault with this episode, it just so happens to be the unlucky storyline to lead us into a hiatus, and as a result, somewhat comes up short. When you think of all of the plot elements still in play, a stronger cliff-hanger would have done wonders to keep us glued to stick around.
  • The Best yet to come

    Hands down, Young Justice is THE BEST animated show ever produce by DC. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. We still don't know who the secret partner of The Light is and the real plan they have, whats going on with the Leaguers in Space. What would happened when the other at the team finds out about the deception of Nightwing, Aqualad, Wally and Artemis. Plus the situation with Superboy and Miss Martian. And also who knows what other things will present themselves down the line.

    For those who dislike the 5 year jump, the producer handle it quite well, and I am enjoy myself this season. Wonder what will happen next. Can't wait.

  • Holy Crap!!

    This show just doesn't let up, every time I think I got it figured BAM surprise!!! Definitly phsyced me out on this episode!!! Very good job!! X-D
  • OMG!!!

    Great episode! at first i was like: ARTEMIS!! NOOOOOO! then i was like SCREW U AL!! then i was like WOHH DID NOT SEE THAT COMMING!! i knew AL wasnt evil! I wonder if Artemis is gonna be in more episodes now? and what is wally gonna do now that artemis is undercover with aqua lad? and how is everyone eles gonna deal with the fact that they think artemis is dead?also, how are they gonna get Lagoon boy back? and Me'gann!?!! how could you do that to your crimanal/victims and to superboy? wtf!?! i expect more INTENSLY AWESOME episodes! i seriously can NOT wait for more!! whens it gonna return!?!
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