Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 11, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Superboy saves the day....with another team, but he's still staying with Young Justice.

    The Forever People found Sphere which Superboy is fond of her. I enjoy the episodes that feature ONLY Superboy's story. I know I'm being biased because he's so handsome to me, but I've to admit that I watch this show because of him. And not to forget Artemis as my strong heroine. It would be good if Wonder Girl is placed in Young Justice SOONER. I also wanna hear Wonder Woman's voice. Hope that my wish of more characters especially the female ones are to join Young Justice.
  • Wasn't what I expected.


    The whole episode was intense as usual, but this time the whole team's disorganized from the failed-training-excercise from last time. I thought it was strange with SuperBoy out and about all by him self and the whole team wasn't even involved. Although the little snippets of Black Canary couseling each member of the team was really fun, we get to see Wally and Artemis's relationship, Miss Martian's guilty mind, Kaldor's stress as leader, Robin's distress at seeing the world all over again, lastly Superboy's confusion.