Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 04, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Confusing on whether Black Manta refered Aqualad as his son. So we may need him to show up in season 2 to indicate that he's his son's enemy.

    Explosions in Atlantis and some brief moments about the other member's downtime. I've found out Artemis's surname is Crock. SPOILER ALERT! I've checked most websites indicating Black Manta is Aqualad's father. I was a bit dissapointed when there were no clues or hints relating to their family relationship. Of course Black manta said "It's such a waste working for Aquaman." to Aqualad but that could indicate that Black Manta was the latter's first master before Aquaman came to take aqualad under his wing. I'm looking forward for intense fighting in season 2 and the reveal on the mole working for the Light.
  • A fantastic episode! Especially for any Aquaman fans out there, plus we get to see the Young Justice members out of uniform and in their every day lives.


    So far this is my favorite Young Justice episode, mainly because we spend most of the episode with Aqualad underwater in the Atlantis kingdom.

    I loved how we got to see why Garth (the original Aqualad from the comics) chose not to become Aqualad.

    And learning more about the Atlantean sorcery was great.

    Also, I think this is the best representation of Black Manta I have EVER seen!

    Overall, I thrilling episode!!!

  • Great episode!


    This, actually is my new favourite. Aqualad is one of my two favourite characters in the show and this really was his story through and through, that being said, the whole team got some great, if small, character moments. Artemis's was the best by far in my mind, I am glad they've made an effort to make sure her possible betrayal (or temptation at least) has merit on both sides of the fence, (Cos honestly, the whole "I'm meant to stab them in the back, but I'm conflicted cause I've made true friend garbage" is SOOOO cliche!). The Meg Martian and Superboy sequence was so well executed that it actually felt genuine (which has been my main bug bare about the angst in the past seven eps) also, Superboy rode the fence between hurting on the inside and being a dick very well and I love the open-endedness of it! Robin's one was a little forced, but since he's been written a little light in the past few episodes, I forgave them for that. I liked Wally's segment, tho I kinda wish we could take him a little more seriously...just a little! The villain was fun, if a little generic. Atlantis was a great setting for the episode, I know it was key to the story, but it looked cool!

  • Sometimes a little "downtime" can be a good thing.


    So after being beaten by Clayface and having Batman save them, the team takes a breack and they go deal with their own personal lives.

    This episode had to major goals.
    First to show us what the young heros do in their free time and whats going on in their life(aside from crim fighting)
    Second to make Aqualad lookeven more of a bada## leader and Aquaman look like an old poser (which he is)

    I'll start with whats going on in Gotam City staring Robin and Artemis (though they don't meet up with eachother)
    Now everyone is already suspisious of Artemis since she joined the team later and the result of what happened at the end of her debue episode "Infiltrator". we really don't know alot about the archer girl, untill now. Artemis (which is her real name, meaning her first name not like some code names like the other heroes) lives in a bad part of Gotham city (which their are alot of) with her mother who is wheelchair boud. Her mom comes in all happy that her daughter has resived an acceptence letter to Gotham Tech; a top grade private school(quick reminder in the show's time line summer is almost over). Artemis is not to thrilled as her mom, mostly because she never sent in a application to the school (ten bucks say's Batman did it) and for the most part shedoesen't want to go to a prep school with smart rich kids that she doesn't even know(which is a valid reason since rich kids can be cruel to the poor new kid).She and her mom have a little argument, but in ends with Artemis mom saying "This is a chanse for you to better your life, a chanse I never had"
    Artemis argess to go for her mom and they have a mother daughter moment.This shows us more depth to Artemis charecter as well as a insight to her back story (which i can bet will be tragic) aside from mother daughter love moment i couldn't help notice that Aremis only slightly resembeles her mom, which means she looks more like her dad and with that i can tell that must be a swore issue for her. Also her mom seem's to know that her daughter is asuper hero since Artemis had bow's out in front of her mom and didn't even try to hidethem, although she called "extra cericular activety". I hope to see more of Artemis mom and her personal life.
    We also see Robin without his mask for the first time. He seems to be dealing with some anger issues he has about AquaLad being team leader over him.This may (or may not)forshadow some fricton between the two. the scene ends with Batman (also unmasked for the first time in the show) playing basket ball with Robinwhich also remidesus of the father son like relationship they share.

    Next in Central City we see what Kid Flash AKA Wally West does in his downtime. he and his family are at a birthday party and all three Flash are their.
    Jay the first Flash (and who's party it is), Barty, The second and curret Flash; and note he is Wally's uncle (he marreid Isis, who is ether Wally's sister or aunt) not much happens but it does give us the sense of the super heronext generation theme that DC comic have.

    Back atHappy Harbor, in the young Justice HQ Megan (Miss Martian) and Superboy are hanging out with the Red Tornado (because nither of them have their own home on earth or anything better to do.) Megan and Superboy have a moment that we don't see all of but the end of the scene point to something have happening between them. I think they would make a great couple but their are so issues that they have to get over.and i'm nottalking about the whole best frends dateing embaresment drill thatevery kid show has. I talking about personal issues. For Miss Martian, well she nice spunky a bit shy but theirs nothing wrong with that, the problem with Megan is that shes moving to fast and her expentations may be set way to high and most young girl's suffer from this were they think their boy friend does everything for them and this always go perfect, well thats not how it goes in real life let alone superhero life.Superboy's problems (besides his amger) is that he doesn't let anyone in or confied in them, he's very close tight. Also in his defense he's a 2 monthold clone of superman and is in his teen years which we all know to be not some of the better years in our life, so he has to deal with that plus controling his powers (and Temper), deal with teen emotion and adjust to fit in not to metion all his problems with Superman so he not beready for a relationship now or he may not know theirs a relationship out their for him.

    Wrapping this up with Atlantis were AquaLad is at his best!!!
    I won't say any more cause idon't want to spoil it, but i will say that AquaLad grows as a leader which means the Team will need less saving and more butt whooping!

  • This week we see a different kind of episode rather than the usual "fetch" quests. This is an episode centered on Aqualad that, after making some wrong choices, gets his team beaten by Clayface in a virtual simulation back at the tower.

    This week we see a different kind of episode rather than the usual "fetch" quests that Batman sends the team out for. This is an episode centered on Aqualad that, after making some wrong choices, gets his team beaten by Clayface in a virtual simulation back at the tower.

    From here on out he's sent back home to Atlantis by Batman in order to find himself and see if he's fit to command. But once he gets there he's met with changes that will help him make his decision. Back in Atlantis we find that he has a love interest that unfortunately for him has moved on with her life and chose Garth. We're also discovering the story of how Aqualad had become under the training of Aquaman in order to one day replace him if needed. Throughout the episode we find out more about the Atlantians, their ability to manipulate water, their strange arhitecture and a bit about the life of Aquaman himself.

    We're introduced to a new villain from The Light this episode, Black Manta who appears to be a "commando" type with a suit filled with weapons and an army ready for conquering.

    The Atlantians discovered a frozen creature that they're trying to study more about and that's what the Light are interested in causing them to set out an all out war for it. Led by Black Manta the assault is stopped by Aquaman with Garth's help resulting in the destruction of the mysterious creature.

    Throughout the episode there are some nice bits of story for the whole team such as how life goes by inside the YJ headquarters for Miss Martian and Superboy, Kid Flash and the Flash family celebrating Jay's birthday, Robin putting pressure on himself for not being the leader and his relationship with Batman outside the superhero duty and last but not least we get to meet Artemis' mother that encourages her to find a place in the world.

    In the end we see Aqualad retake his responsibilities as team leader, the mysterious creature slowly rebuilding itself and we're awarded with a short briefing of a new mission.