Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 28, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Woo Robin's Character Development

    Although Robin was slightly annoying at the start of this episode the writers portrayed his development well - his need to be the leader and then his eventual acceptance of not being the leader felt believable. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters and the romance between Miss Martian and Superboy, looking forward to more!
  • That spanish

    Hey! the episode was great in every way, except "the spanish part". It is necessary to work hard on the pronuntiations. Bane is supposed to know spanish, 'cause he is in Santa Prisca, and his spanish is really awful, taking the beauty of the show away from it. However, YJ is getting better and better!!
  • Getting Better.

    The fight scenes were okay. But like I said i was really impressed with the graphics of this show. I am glad we get such an awesome show . For me, I almost gave up on watching superhero cartton shows. This was a great episode for I've seen the conflicts of who-should-be-the-team-leader situation. I am looking forward to the next episode of the series. It should get better and better. I'm still watching reruns.
  • Now THAT'S what I'm talking about

    For the past three episodes, this show has been nigh on abysmal. It hasn't really delivered on the action-packed thrill ride that so many of the other superhero shows have. Not this one. This week actually saw a REAl spike in action, plot advancement, and character development. The action was first rate and every fight scene left me hanging on and waiting to see what happens next (my faves were KF grabbing that detonator at lightspeed when Bane was about to press the switch and the 'Kobra Commander' fight scene with Robin [even though it was more of a one sided fight with Robin getting his 'disconcerted' butt kicked here and there]). Cadmus was really played up to be a threat and I liked that. It's good to see that they're not just going to be some sort of threat that gets introduced in the first episode and then gets put off until the two part finale. And the heroes still ave to find out what the heck the Kobras wanted with that steroid coctail (I was also surprised to see Kobra because Batman Beyond made me think that they don't show up until 60+ years in the future). Sportsmaster was REALLY upgraded from the laughable character that he was in the comics and in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (and he next to NEVER made any cheesy sports jokes [which made me wonder why he called himself SportsMaster]). I suppose this might be the producers' way of showing us that this show is meant to e taken seriously. The heroes are also starting to upgrade in character develpment as well. Robin is able to acknowledge that he isn't ready to be leadershipp material and will need to learn how to lead effectively (and I thought that this admission of imperfection truly marks him as a future leader) on a team in which everyone's roles aren't defined for them. KF is still a wisecracking loser who doesn't know his place, but that's reality. Some characters will never be round. Superboy and Miss Martian have no interest in leadership, perhaps because they're more interested in picking out wall patterns for their new house. It's obvious that they like each other. But, knowing television, it'll take a few episodes to get a tender moment (if we're fortunate, maybe a kiss). Aqualad has finally stepped up to leadership (though he admits that Robin will definitely replace him when he's ready, as he was 'born to lead this team') and that made me happy. Too many times in television, strong seconds to good leadership are often overlooked, their true potential underplayed. That isn't the case here. Aqualad is recognized as an excellent leader (his plan even takes out all of the baddies in a matter of minutes) and acknowledges that the time will come in which Robin will lead well. And the JL actually looks to be starting to trust their young heroes, with even Batman commenting that they did a good job.
    p.s. One issue that I did have with this episode was how quickly the Blockbuster/Venom creature was eliminated at the end. If he was supposed to be 3x stronger than the original, how was he taken out 3x faster than the original? Besides that, great episode.
  • I have to say i am very impressed with the animation in this show. The graphics are awesome and the music for certain characters are pretty good to. I have to say though that Bane was kinda weak in this episode.

    The fight scenes were okay. But like i said before i was really impressed with the graphics of this show. I am glad we get such a awesome show right off the bat at the start of 2011. I am really glad that we get more plot devoplement. I wasnt impressed with the last episode but the series is getting better. I am glad that Kobra is returning i havent seen them since Batman Beyond. But i do agree with the show that Aqualad should be the leader of the team because Robin is to much of a noob let.
  • Good Episode

    I liked this episode of Young Justice. In my opinion Young Justice is getting better with each episode. I am being serious. The first episode disappointed me, the second episode was better, the third episode was just a bit better than the third, and this one was the best so far. I was surprised to see Bane in this series but I am very happy to see him nonetheless. I am not sure if Bane had the appropriate voice but I am overlooking that. I do not need to tell you what this episode is about because you can read the summary on and I do not want to spoil anything either. This was a great episode and I am looking forward to the next episode of the series. It should get better and better.