Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 05, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Strong character work (warning, spoilers ahead)

    We slow down a bit from the info-dump/action haven that was last weeks episode, focusing solely on 1 team on Rann, attempting to disrupt the efforts of the Kroloteans, and find out what happened during those missing 16 hours

    So what have we learned this week:

    - The Kroloteans have provided the sciene police force details of all members of the Justice League, that's why the league couldn't go last week

    - Miss Martian can act like a telepathic translator (wonder if she's doing that all the time, do Martians really speak English)

    - Beast Boy can turn into alien animals

    - The Kroloteans Zeta'd straight to Rann after their defeat last week

    - Superboy dumped Miss Martain, who apparantly 'left him no choice' (still in the dark as to what she did, but we can bet it's not good - people are theorising that it's something she did to an enemy, I have a feeling it's more personal than that)

    - Beast boy came to be as a result of Miss Martian's blood transfusion (would like to know how, why and when that happened)

    - Queen Bee killed Marie Logan (by forcing her to drive into a River, and over a waterfall by the look of it)

    - The Kroloteans had a massive base on Rann, supposedly unnoticed by the science police

    - The Kroloteans depart for their own planet

    - The justice league did something on rimbor (forgive me if that's a mispelling) and now Miss Martian knows about it

    - To get deep enough to learn everything she needed to know, Miss Martian lobotomised the head Krolotean

    - Sardath is working on a Zeta shield which could protect Earth

    - Miss Martian appears to have perfect density shifting

    That's a lot of info for 1 episode, but it never felt like an info dump, going someway to answering some of the questions left behind last week.

    The pacing is still brisk, hopefully they'll keep up this pace for the whole story, and I'm looking forward to finding out more next week.
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