Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 04, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • This Episode had me going

    This episode was amazing i loved every part of it with the young hero's inspirational speech and to the remaining humans and i really liked how robin did the batman move and sacrificed himself on the blowing up the mother ship mission he later in the next episode told black canary that he was afraid to become batman which really opened him up to me it really got me think about robin which these type of series are about but best episode if you ask me
  • Alien Invasion! Hope there's a real one in season 2.

    It all began with a (mental) training exercise gone wrong. It seems to me that Miss Martian is getting stronger mentally, even stronger than her uncle's. Well, I kind of like the aliens attacking Earth. Hopefully, there are some good aliens in season 2 as the Young Justice will have to fight a really real invasion. Of course the title for season 2 is Young Justice: Invasion.
  • Simply brilliant.


    I've been keeping track of this show since it first starting airing. I'm a big fan of sidekick oriented shows, in which the "lackies" sort of step up and become their own heroes. Before watching this episode my thoughts were that the show was pretty satisfactory. It wasn't a must watch every week but when I could spare the time I would.

    What I didn't consciously notice was how much the characters were developing in the show. It all came to a sudden splash this week as the relationships all got torn apart. You could really feel the emotion of the characters and the voice actors did a fantastically convincing job. Especially Danica McKellar (as Miss Martian) who really drove the show home. She did a good job of not overacting, which I imagine could have been pretty easy to do.

    The twist at the end really threw me for a loop. I knew that the entire DC universe hadn't really died, but they really made it feel real. The scene at the end about how powerful Miss Martian is really opened the plot up for cool new things. She already seemed like the most powerful one and this just throws more into the mix. I can't wait to see what they come up with for her.

    Overall I was very impressed by this episode. The writing was superb and original and the voice acting was spot on. I'm unsure that they will be able to top the quality of this episode in the future.