Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 2

Fireworks (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 26, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Later, Dr. Desmond contacts the Cadmus board of directors and tells them what happened. He assures them they telepathically controlled Superboy into defeating them, and wonders what to do with the teen heroes. The board tells him to clone them so they can serve the Light, and then dispose of the originals.

The unconscious heroes receive a telepathic message telling them to awaken. They find Superboy looking up at them, silent.

Desmond returns to the vault and discovers that Superboy is gone. The Guardian explains that he took the heroes to the confinement chamber, and he doesn't see the harm. Desmond's g-gnome telepathically drives the Guardian angry with hate.

Aqualad realizes that Superboy wasn't in control of his actions. Superboy says that he received telepathic images, but has never seen the sky or the sun. He knows that he was created to replace Superman if he turns from the Light. Superboy insists that Cadmus is his home, but they offer to give him freedom and introduces him to Superman. However, Desmond and the others arrive and activate the cloning process. Aqualad asks Superboy to help them, but a g-gnome leaps on the clone's shoulder and takes control of him, and Desmond insists that Superboy is nothing but a weapon. He orders the clone back to his pod and he leaves. As the cloning process begins, Desmond orders Dubbilex to have the g-gnomes telepathically download their memories and feed them into the clones.

As Superboy walks away, Aqualad telepathically communicates him and says that the choice is his for what he does with his life. Superboy turns and smashes into the vault, smashing Desmond and his people out. He frees the heroes, but objects when Robin starts giving him orders. As they leave, Desmond warns that they'll never escape and activates all of the genomorphs.

As the heroes run for the elevator, the g-trolls close in on them and more creatures emerge from the cloning pods. Superboy insists on attacking them while the others get the elevator open. The clone starts to fly up, but realizes that he can only leap, not fly. As the elevator descends, they emerge onto Sub-Level 15 and start to flee. Superboy gets a series of telepathic instructions leading them into a dead end, but Robin insists that it's perfect. The genomorphs arrive only to discover that the heroes have fled into the ventilation systems.

Desmond follows the motion sensor trail to a restroom. The g-gnomes fall out of the vent, and Desmond realizes that Robin hacked the motion sensors. Kid Flash superspeeds up the stairs, while Superboy cuts off the stairs behind them. They get to the first floor, but the doors close. With time running out, the heroes retreat into a side corridor only to find themselves facing the Guardian and a major force of genomorphs. The g-gnomes telepathically stun the heroes, and Dubbilex explains that he set the fire and guided the heroes to free Superboy, so that Superboy would lead the other genomorphs to freedom. Superboy chooses freedom over captivity.

The g-gnomes free the Guardian from his control, and he promises to deal with Desmond. However, Desmond arrives and says he'll deal with them, and takes the formula he's created as part of Project Blockbuster. He transforms into a rampaging beast, and easily smashes the Guardian aside. Superboy attacks it, smashing through the ceiling into the lobby of the building. The four heroes take it on as a team, but Blockbuster is still too powerful for it. Robin has Kid Flash distract it while Superboy and Aqualad weaken down the structural supports and Robin picks the one ideal place for it to land. He then triggers explosive charges, bringing down the entire building on the behemoth.

Superboy protects his comrades, and the others show him the sky for the first time. Superman flies down with the rest of the League. Superboy steps forward and announces what he is, and Superman stares suspiciously at him. Batman demands explanations.

Later, the League takes Blockbuster away and discusses what to do among themselves. Superman says that the League will eventually figure out what to do with Superboy and quickly leaves without another word. Batman assures the heroes that Cadmus will be investigated, but they're not happy with the teen heroes disobeying orders. Aqualad and the others insist that they will, and that they forged something powerful and important. Superboy insists that the League either get on board or get out of the way.

At Mount Justice, the original home of the Justice League, the League calls it into service as a base for the teen heroes. Red Tornado will stay there as their supervisor, Black Canary will train them, and Batman will send them on covert missions while the League handles the obvious stuff. However, they will have one more member: J'onn J'onzz's niece, Miss Martian. Superboy holds back, but Robin invites him to join their group.

In the ruins of Cadmus, the Guardian informs the staff that the board has put him in charge, and they will have a kinder, more gentle Cadmus. The board watches them, and wonders if they can leave the Guardian in control. They believe they can control him through subtler means, and figure they can manipulate the young heroes to their advantage. Character bios: Blockbuster Mark Desmond first appeared in Detective Comics #342 (Nov. 1965) and took a serum that boosted his strength but reduced his intelligence. He was basically DC's version of the Hulk, right down to the purple pants. Through a series of circumstances he acquired a raging hatred of Batman but great affection for Bruce Wayne. He was a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains and later died on the first mission of the modern Suicide Squad (fighting Brimstone, ironically enough - see Initiation). During some of this time he was manipulated into crime by his brother Roland, who later took the serum himself. Roland managed to gain great intelligence by making a deal with Neron and became a criminal mastermind and ran afoul of Nightwing (Dick Grayson). He subsequently died in Nightwing #93. Miss Martian M'gann M'orzz first appeared in Teen Titans vol. 3 #37 (2006) and was created by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel. M'gann is one of the White Martians, an aggressive race of warriors within the Martian culture. She was sent away to avoid the conflict and was never indoctrinated into the warrior ways. Upon making her way to Earth, she initially posed as a Green Martian using her shapeshifting abilities, and joined the Teen Titans. She has served on and off as a member ever since. She has all the power of a Martian, including telepathy, flight, superhuman strength, shapeshifting, invisibility, Martian vision, and the ability to manipulate her density.
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