Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 13

The Fix

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 26, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • Fix Up

    This is a setting episode but it's a good one. I really liked how before the kidnaping op occured you actually got a hint that Megann and Lagann are on the road to a break up. Good, because you can easily tell from the recent conversation she is having with him, there is just no connection and in another scene she was looking at Connor it's obvious she want to be with him again. This episode also presents another reason why I hate Lagann, he is fraking annoying, just simply what he says and how he says it is painful to listen to, like shut the frak up. But also he's so full of crap, in one scene spouts a bit of bull crap toward Connor, that moment made me want to slap him. Sorry if, I'm coming a little hard but Lagann is worse than Robbie from "Gravity Falls" I hate that character too.

    Anyway, back on track we then see the kidnaping op, to me the highlight was seeing Deathstroke in action. I love the fact Deathstroke is on this show, he's one of my favorate DC villians. To me he's sort of an evil version of Snake Eyes from . Joe" not just is he a master of martial arts and assination techniques but what makes villianous is that he has the mind of a master chess player, he is just always ten may'be even twenty moves ahead. Counterattacks the opposition before they make a move against him, or even undermine the opposition's plan before it's put to action. I really liked the fight between him and Lagann, you can easily guess who I was routing for Deathstroke (I not sure weithter that's right or wrong) , it was just so cool seeing Deathstroke dishing out punishment toward Lagann whom clearly had no chance against him.

    There was also a dramatic moment between both Dick/Nightwing and Connor/Superboy when Dick reveals the truth about the opperation. This of course makes Connor a little mad, I don't blame Connor the fact that his love Megann is captured and the lies and secrecy involved has pushed him too far. Personally I felt the whole black op was pritty dicey from the start and right now the way things are going are not good.

    Also there was a little charcter drama from Artimis when in one scene she was questioned whether going back into the Super Hero role was what she really wanted. There was a good monalogue, she says to herself; both her and Wally have had a life of peace and love together and now I've came back why just to put my damn costume back on again? Ok, it wasn't exactly that way but that was close to what she was saying and thinking, I just thought that was a very human moment and shows being a hero/superhero isn't that great of a career, it can really damage you on a personal basis. The whole black op has taken it's toll on Artimis, she's lost her taste for this career, became isolated, can't talk to her friends worst of all can't come back to Wally, so that really sucks.

    The only problem with the epsoide was the psychc dive sequence wasn't long enough; it just I always love the concept of the journey into dreams/the mind because it's an arena where you can have or do anything you want. It would of been cool if most of the episode was devoted to both Artmis and Megann going on this psychic adventure and bonding again in the process. But due to how the story went and was set up, there was no way it could happen so oh well.

    I really liked the psychic dive sequence with both Megann and Artimis, it seemed reminicent of the 80's film "Dreamscape" since it has a surreal look and feel to it, the backgrounds are great the ruins of atlantis the way their shaped are reminicent of the paintings of Salvidor Dali. But as their their we do learn a little about Kaldunn and it makes my sympathy for him grow, from having the late Tula on his mind but the fact his home Atlantis was completely destroyed not long ago. When you think about it all more, Aqualad/Kaldunn has had the most turmoil of all of the team because he was the one that last the most, I really don't know what to say about that, that really sucks.

    But of course Artimis comes though for both Kaldunn but also Megann whom on the mission we see was close to being suicidal as she was letting the illusion to Tula destroy her. Artimis reminds Megann who she is and of course that little reasurance helped for a moment for Megann to believe in herself again and do what she should again. I really like the fact that Artimis and Megann are connecting again, I always liked the back and forth between them which I was sorely missing and something both seriously needed.

    Overall, a soild episode, the ball once again is in the bad guys court but last period is still far away.
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