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    RaizenYusuke wrote:

    The last Guardian went to Earth foundKyle outside a bar and randomly gave him the ring.

    Eh, there's been debate about that. I'm a "Hal" fan through and through, but I recall debates being that Ganthet's "You'll do" bit to Kyle wasn't like "Eh, here's some random guy... you'll do"

    But more of a response of after choosing who he felt would work, he was either not 100% thrilled with his choice or was just in a bad mood. Choosing a human was probably a sour spot with him: a human destroyed the Corp, but humans had recently been exceedingly exceptional ring slingers.

    Granted, it's been a while since I've read that issue so I can't comment either way. I just remember the "you'll do" line being something the "Hal" fans would throw at the "Kyle" fans and thus an argument would start.

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    I think now they are suggesting Ganthet choosing Kyle wasn't random. I know Hal is believs Kyle wasn't choosen by chance and said something along the lines when shotly after he returned. Ian't for the life or me remember where I saw this, but I think someone or Ganthet said in post Rebirth era that there is a reason Kyle was picked. Don't quote me on that.
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