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What Is Your Favorite Season & Why?

What Is Your Favorite Season of Young Justice?

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    With it being a week after the Season 2 Finale, I figured fans have had some time to reflect on the series. Just as the title says, this is the thread for fans to share their thoughts on their favorite Season of Young Justice, with the 3rd option being for those who liked both seasons equally. Let's also be sure to give reasons for our choices as that adds to discussion and I'm sure others will be curious to hear.

    Having given it some time to think it over, I would say that I liked both Seasons equally and for their own reasons.

    I felt Season 1 kicked things off in a strong manner and did a fine job at introducing the formation of the Young Justice Team. I particularly liked how they took their time to spread the formation of the team coming together instead of rushing it. Superboy and Miss Martian certainly got the most attention this Season, I can understand why since they knew the least about Earth-16, much like we the audience did on first viewing. Artemis' storyline about avoiding the fate of her criminal family was a particular favorite part of the Season for me, she certainly deserves a lot of credit for all she overcame. Making Zatanna a contemporary of the sidekicks was a different and interesting change and I liked Captain Marvel's prominent supporting role, as well as seeing this version of Beast Boy's origins. While quite the base breaker, I did quite like this show's portrayal of Joker, he reminded me of Heath Ledger's take while still having some unique traits, as well. I also grew fond of Red Arrow and was quite surprised that he was the mole and a clone of the original Speedy. I would have to say that the downsides of this Season for me was that Ocean Master got the shaft as far as Light Members go (Ra's Al Ghul and Brain only faired a tiny bit better) and Denial was probably my least favorite episode of the series. Usual Suspects and Auld Acquaintance were certainly a strong way to end the Season and the "16 Hours" was quite the hook.

    Season 2 certainly started off with quite a curveball in the form of the time skip. I didn't hate the time skip, I was just surprised by it and it did throw me off. Having watched the whole season, I do understand why they did it and I do have more of an appreciation for it, just goes to show how patience pays off. By Greg Weisman's statements, Season 2 was more plot-driven with the "Reach Saga" being a much closer-knit storyline then Season 1 and featured Nightwing, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Artemis and Blue Beetle as its main characters. This was my first exposure to Blue Beetle and I quite liked him; I didn't have a problem with his important role as it made sense given that the Reach are from his rogue's gallery and I did enjoy his comedy. Black Beetle and Deathstroke were great additions to the villain side of characters and I did like seeing Sportsmaster isn't quite as heartless as we first thought. Black Manta's accession as a member of the Light was great and I did like seeing him as a Type I Anti-Villain (a villain who, while evil, still has some noble qualities), his and Aqualad's part in the story was a favorite of mine and I did feel bad for them in Summit. Green Beetle was also a great addition, I wouldn't mind if he became part of the mainstream comics like Harley Quinn did. The Runaways were also interesting characters, I was glad to see Static join the Young Justice Team at the end. While Kid Flash is my least favorite of the initial 6, I still did feel bad when he died and thought his sacrifice was quite noble. The downside of the season for me was how Beast Boy, Robin III, Batgirl and Wonder Girl didn't get much attention (though the first 3 will get to be playable in the upcoming video game, at least), as well as how Savage, Luthor and Manta were the only significant Light Members. Idid think the hook with Darksied at the end was great and it is a shame that we don't get to see the "Darksied Saga" play out in this show.

    Well, that's my thoughts on the Seasons; the rest of y'all have at it now!

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    This board is dead already?

    I would have to pick season 1 over season 2. Season 1 was a slow build up for the DC universe of this series aka Earth 16. I was impressed with the character driven stories in addition to branching the story out. The Light were an interesting interpertation of a super villain team. Unlike Injustic Gangs/Leagues, Legion of Dooms, and Secret Society business in other DC shows, these guys were presented as a shadow orginzation with unknonw motives and members from the start then slowly revealed what they were about episode by episode. They felt like a legitment threat and had staying power to last all season. The season did shake things up. Having Aqualad as leader instead of Robin was different, but it worked.

    The main storylines with Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis were all excellent. Like DBTrilogy mentioned I enjoyed Artemis struggle of nature against nurture with her family's background. The Kid Flash friction/romance was good to (at least to me). Superboy's anger issues did getting annoying after a while, but what I really liked about his story was how he wanted Superman's acknowledgement and Supes wouldn't give it. I'm a big fan of Superman stories that show his human side and flaws. This series delievered it perfectly. Memeber of the Justice League even hold Superman to such a high standard, like the rest of the world that they were all surprised Superman wasn't jumping for joy to welcome Superboy. I loved how everyone forgot Clark isn't flawless and that he can be human too despite all his powers. The bottom line was Conner was cloned without his premission. Most people would feel weird about raising a kid they never knew about, especially if their essence was stolen without their premission for the creation of said kid.

    Miss Martian's storyline was the weakest of the 3 storylines for me. Some episodes were great and others were so-so. I did enjoy the Hello Megan episode that doubled as Beast Boy's origin episode. I like the white martian reveal, but felt it lacked some punch since the white martians in this show weren't conquerors. It waspretty good overrall.

    Robin's development was nice. He was annoying at the begining with his laughter and made up words, but as the series progressedhe became the 2nd in command of the team. He became more series and less childish as the season went on. I loved the episode where he and Artemis have to take on the Reds and howcalm and controlled he is and eventually tells Artemis to get whelmed or their dead. It showed that despite being the youngest on the team he was the most experienced sidekick (been Robin since he was 9). Thedream episode where Robin took command of the team after Aqualad died and he had to make the tough decisions to get the job down, inculding having friends get killed off. It showed Dick's future as Nightwing, but possiblity that he would have to become Batman and how he doesn't want it. At the time of this series Dick was Batman, soI found it interesting.

    My dislikes were: Aqualad was a uninteresting character this season. I felt he had the least development and he was the dulls one of the main 6, Red Arrow, and Zatana. His roleas leader was good and he fit for the role, but the character wasn't expanded on much. Season 2 changedat least gave him a greatstoryline and development though.Rocket and Icon's additions were pointless to me. They arrived sooner. Rocket didn't add anything to the series and had least development, because of her introduction being so late. Ocean Master story didn'tgo anywhere. Red Arrow's attitude towardYJ team. I understood why he had beef against the JL for treating them like kids, but I felt the disrespect he gave his old friends was uncalled for.I wasn't a fan of their Joker. I felt they were trying to make himlike the Nolan Joker, but he came off as odd and un-Joker like. I would have preferedif they had made their Joker more similar to the Under the Red Hood movie's Joker.

    Season 2 was good, but it was too muddled compared to season 1to me. I read people said Wiseman wanted the season to be more story driven. I can respect that, but I feltthe writers both overcomplicated and oversimplfied the story. I wasn't a big fan of the timeskip, but got over it. I did find it aridiculous thatJohn Stewart could attack astar systemfor 16 hours, have a price on his head, and the GL symbol (a universal symbol) could be denounced without the Guardians learning about this for 5 Earth years. The Light becamemore and moreinvincible villains who won more times than theylost and played the Reach who were supposed to take over the world for a dark future. Theseason made the Reach ineffective and completely under the Light's control that it made Bart's dark future storyline pointless.There were too many characters and withlittle development for them made it hard to relate to them and made thembackground characters. I felt bad for Tim/Robin and Cassie/Wonder Girl who had the least development that ended the series as a couple with us the audience not even given a hint they had so much as an attraction for each other or evenon the same teams.Lagoon Boy was a walking plot device to SB/MM relationship who had very fewredeeming qualities to make him hated so we would want SB/MM to reunite. It was just a weakerseasonfor me.

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