Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 1

Happy New Year

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 28, 2012 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Five Years Later

Superboy is in the sewers of Gotham City, tracking down Clayface. The villain attacks him by surprising, trying to smother him within his protoplasmic mass, but Miss Martian arrives and telekinetically frees Superboy. A new Robin, Tim Drake, arrives and tries to shock Clayface, who warns that he's now immune to electricity. However, Robin's attack is only a distraction so that Superboy can toss a cryogenic capsule into Clayface's mouth, freezing the villain solid. Young Justice team members, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Bumblebee show up late, and Beast Boy complains that he wasn't able to collect a souvenir. Miss Martian contacts the former Robin, now Nightwing, at Mount Justice and tells him that they've captured the super villain.

The team arrives at Mount Justice as Nightwing finishes practice sparring with another newer team member, Lagoon Boy. Team coordinator Mal Duncan greets Bumblebee, his girlfriend, but she pleads off on their date because she has a meeting with Professor Palmer. A disgusted Superboy watches as Lagoon Boy greets Miss Martian with a kiss. Robin informs Nightwing that Clayface has been imprisoned at Arkham Asylum and the mission was a success. Before they can discuss the mission further, Captain Atom calls from the League's Watchtower and informs Nightwing that someone is attacking the UN. Nightwing tells the League tactician that their Beta Team is in the area and will be onsite in three minutes.

At the UN, the alien bounty hunter known as Lobo fights his way in past the security guards and heads after Secretary General Tseng. Once he gets his universal translator working, Lobo tells Tseng that he's been hired to put on a show for the locals and tells the secretary general to surrender or die. The Young Justice Beta Team, Batgirl and Wonder Girl, arrive in time to stop Lobo momentarily. Batgirl takes Tseng out through the General Assembly chamber while Wonder Girl tries to stop Lobo without success. Both heroines are unable to stop the bounty hunter, who grabs Tseng and rips him apart... revealing a smaller alien, Krolo, inside of an android. Lobo say that he' has his target and leaves on his space cycle.

TV commentator G. Gordon Godfrey is soon on the airwaves, running footage of Lobo and Krolo and suggesting that aliens have infiltrated the planet. He focuses on the Justice League, wondering why they're not on the job and implying they may have more hidden aliens among their members as well as Superman and Martian Manhunter. Reporter Cat Grant tries to get an interview with the League at the Hall of Justice, but League liaison Catherine Cobert brushes her off and says that the JL will have a public statement later. Satisfied that he has proof of the League's stonewalling, Godfrey accuses the League of being a front for hostile aliens.

The League's two newest members, Zatanna and Rocket, arrive on Watchtower as Green Lantern John Stewart briefs the League and Young Justice on the existence of the Kroloteans, the alien race that impersonated Tseng. John explains that the Kroloteans travel in packs, meaning there must be more of them on Earth. Martian Manhunter introduces a STAR scientist, Adam Strange, who perfected the League's Zeta beam teleportation system. Adam explains that a malfunction in system teleported him to the distant planet of Rann. He met a scientist, Sardath, who was also working on teleport technology. Once they learned to communicate, Sardath informed Adam that someone stole his teleport technology and used it to teleport multiple groups from Rann to Earth. Before sending Adam back, Sardath provided him with a device showing Zeta beam hotspots on Earth so that he could locate the thieves.

Captain Atom proposes splitting the teams up in two, with half fighting the invaders on Earth while the other half going to Rann to stop the invasion at its source. However, Adam tells them that six League members are wanted criminals in that sector of the galaxy so Earthlings are banned from the area. Batman and Nightwing both realize that the six Leaguers are the same six that disappeared for sixteen hours, five years ago when Vandal Savage took mental control of the Justice League. Nightwing offers to send Young Justice's "Zeta squad" with Adam to Rann since they're not wanted, while his other teams help the League. Captain Atom agrees and Zatanna secretly reminds Nightwing that the invitation for them to join the League is still open. He and Superboy both tell her that they're happy where they are.

Back at Mount Justice, Nightwing divides the teams up between three locations. He'll go with Wonder Girl to Philadelphia; Bumblebee, Batgirl, and Wolf to Vlatavastok, and Robin, Blue Beetle, and Lagoon Boy to New Orleans with Robin in charge. Mal will remain behind to coordinate the teams. As the others leave, Robin wonders if Nightwing is only letting him lead because they're stretched too thin, but Nightwing just tells him to be careful.

In New Orleans, the three teens track the signal to a tool shed at a junkyard by the river. Mal gives them the go-ahead to blast attack and they blast the shed apart, but find nothing inside. Mal confirms that there's still zeta radiation coming from the nearby river, and Lagoon Boy dives into investigate. He finds a metal portal and expands himself like a puffer fish to gain enough strength to hold it open so the others can get through. Inside they find a huge underground base with hundreds of Kroloteans hard at work. There are also multiple teleportation platforms with the aliens going back and forth. Mal tells them to stay under cover while summons the others, but the Kroloteans spot the intruders and attack.

The Young Justice and League teams find nothing at their designated locations, and Mal notifies them of the emergency. Meanwhile, the three heroes fight the Kroloteans but are in danger of being overwhelmed until the aliens see Blue Beetle. They order an immediate retreat via the teleporters and Blue Beetle's sentient armor translates, informing its owner that the leader, Hef, has set the self-destruct for four minutes and is abandoning their "playthings." Robin realizes that Hef is referring to prisoners and the three heroes head for the lower levels, capturing one of the aliens. The team finds human prisoners, including Tseng, and frees them. Blue Beetle has his suit translate and interrogates their captive for the way out. They then swim to the surface just in time as the base blows up and the other superhero teams arrive. Nightwing congratulates Robin on leading his first successful mission.

On Rann, Adam, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy arrive via the teleporter.

Robin (Tim Drake)

Tim Drake first appeared in Batman #436 (August 1989) and was created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick. After meeting Dick Grayson when he was nine, Tim later witnessed Robin performing a gymnastic maneuver that he recognized from the circus where Grayson performed. Once he deduced that Bruce Wayne was Batman, Tim sought out the Caped Crusader and convinced him to accept him as his third sidekick named Robin. After serving with Young Justice and the Teen Titans, Tim took on the identity of Red Robin after the "death" of Batman at the hands of Darkseid. His origin remained essentially unchanged in the 2011 "New 52" reboot. Tim is a highly trained martial artist and bo staff fighter, a highly trained detective, and an expert computer hacker.


Lobo first appeared in the comics in Omega Man #3 (June 1983), and was created by Keith Giffen and Roger Slilfer. He is the last survivor of the planet Czarnia and claims that he killed his entire race for fun: there's no reason to doubt it. A mercenary and bounty hunter with a rarely-demonstrated affection for space dolphins, he possesses superhuman strength and speed, but most dangerously, the Czarnian ability to regenerate from even a single spilled drop of blood. Every drop of blood becomes a new Lobo, although they then typically fight it out with each other until there's only one left. Lobo has tangled with many heroes in the DC universe at one time or another.

Adam Strange

Adam Strange first appeared in Showcase #17 (December 1958) and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. An archaeologist by trade, Strange was teleported from Earth to the planet Rann by a Zeta Beam. There he became the people's champion, using his scientific expertise, a ray gun, and a flight pack to defend the planet against alien invaders and robotic menaces. He has a wife and child, and has appeared in a number of different series throughout the years as well as becoming an honorary Justice League member.

Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes is the third hero to bear the name "Blue Beetle." He first appeared in Infinite Crisis #3 and was created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner. Jaime found the scarab belonging to the Golden Age Blue Beetle. The scarab merged with Jaime and gave him the power to grow bio-organic power armor. The scarab is part of a hive mind and was designed to corrupt its wielder to aid its alien master in infiltrating and conquering planets. However, Jaime's conscience let him overcome its influence and it now works to help Jaime in his heroic deeds.

Lagoon Boy

Lagoon Boy first appeared in Aquaman vol. 5 #50 (December 1998) and was created by Erik Larsen and Eric Battle. His origin has never been provided but he is one of several aquatic non-Atlantean humanoids who apply for membership to the city of Atlantis. They team up to become a group calling themselves the Landlubbers, get into trouble, and are rescued by Aquaman. Later, Lagoon Boy teams up with Young Justice on several occasions and survives the destruction of Atlantis at the hands of the Spectre. Afterward he joins Teen Titans East and is injured during an ambush. Lagoon Boy is amphibious, possesses adaptations that let him survive the ocean depths, can blow himself up to a larger like a pufferfish, exude quills, and command hunchback whales. This is his first animated appearance.

Beast Boy

Gar Logan first appeared in The Doom Patrol #99 (November 1965) and was created by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown. When the young Garfield was dying of a rare disease, his parents used an untested cure which gave him green skin and hair as well as the ability to transform into any animal he can envision. After his parents were killed, he became a junior member of the Doom Patrol and eventually became a TV star. Gar eventually used the name Changeling and joined a new incarnation of the Teen Titans, and has served with various groups of the team since then.


Barbara Gordon first appeared as the costumed heroine in Detective Comics #359 (1961) and was created by Julius Schwartz, Carmine Infantino, and Gardner Fox. The daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, she was attending a masked ball wearing a Batman-like costume. When Killer Moth broke in to kidnap Bruce Wayne, Barbara put her gymnastic training to good use. She went on to become a full-time crime fighter until the Joker crippled her. Confined to a wheelchair, Barbara now fights crime as Oracle, a computer hacker par excellent.

Wonder Girl

Cassandra "Cassie" Sandmark first appeared in Wonder Woman vol. 2 #105 (January 1996) and was created by John Byrne. The daughter of Zeus and an archaeologist, she used Greek artifacts to fight Doomsday. Later, Zeus granted her the boon of superpowers and she joined Young Justice. She fell in love with Conner Kent at that time and became a member of the Teen Titans with him. She has continued with the team despite his death during Infinite Crisis. In the recent (as of this episode's premiere) New 52 retcon, Cassie is a thief who stole a pair of enchanted bracers from a temple. As a demi-god, Wonder Girl has superhuman strength and endurance, although not on a par with Wonder Woman, and uses a magical lasso with a variety of abilities. This is her first animated appearance.


Karen Beecher-Duncan first appeared in Teen Titans #45 (December 1976) and was created by Bob Rozakis. A scientist, she helped her boyfriend Mal Duncan create a superpowered costume to impress the Teen Titans, but then made her own bee-themed suit and attacked them. She and Mal later joined the team, then moved to the Titans West organization. Since then, she and Mal have married and been divorced, and served in various incarnations of the team. In recent years she has become trapped at a height of 6" and worked briefly with the Doom Patrol.