Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 1

Happy New Year

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 28, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Confusing and somewhat boring.

    Did not like the fact that they did a time skip. I missed the teen versions of the original characters.

    Episode was very hard to follow; I did not know what was going on. I found it hard to stay awake. All in all, bad episode.

    Did the Creators seriously run out of new material that they have to go and do a Time Skip? I personally could think of a entire season bringing up to the time skip. I really hope we get to see more fight scenes with Night wing. I feel we barely got to see enough of them as Robin. But i have a feeling that they are pretty much going to be making him a secondary character, like Batman and the Justice League. Miss Martian is clearly the Slut of the team going from Superboy to Lagoon Boy..... Since when does Beast Boy have a tail to? In teen titans he never had a tail unless he was transformed. Sure we got to see most of the main villains in last weeks episode, But both the Justice League and The Team still don't know what The Light is or who the main members are. Just a bunch of supervillians working together.
  • What Happened!?!

    CONFUSING! where are all of the good characters? I hope not all of season 2 is like this, because I like it better with the team as teens, not all grown up with Artimis, Kid Flash, and Aqualad not even in it! I mean come on!
  • My opinion

    Hey people:

    I've had read some of your opinions and some are sound, especially the 5 year jump, and its just NOW that they finding out about the 16 hours were 6 Justice Leaguers were missing. But it is the first episode, lets give a break to that and some of the new characters introduced here.

    A lot happened in 5 years, the most apparent and not surprising, Robin becoming Nightwing. The introduction of Tim Drake Robin its a good one, I saw the episodes three times and for the looks of it he hasn't been Robin that long since he looks insecure of the leader role. One of you said he was kind of a jerk, but the way I see it, he step into some big shoes becoming Robin. He really want to prove himself to Nightwing, and Dick kind of looked that he had to keep and eye on Tim and putting him out of danger.

    Also, even tough this is a completely different universe where things happened differently, it doesn't mean that there wasn't a Jason Todd before him and that he may have died at the hands of the Joker (5 year gap plays a role here).

    We don't know (yet) what happend to Kid-Flash, Artemis, Red Arrow and Aqualad. They grow up obviously so they may just doing their own thing. Red Arrow obviously was going to find out what happened to the real Roy Harper, but 5 years its too long to keep looking. Lets wait a few more episodes to see what happened to them.

    As for the other characters, the new ones. The Batgirl / Wonder Girl team-up didn't bother me but I don't see them as a constant thing. At least the Batgirl here is Barbara Gordon (my favorite Batgitl I most admit) so I am quite happy with it. Wonder Girl looks like a eagerly 14/15 year old girl, reminds me the first appereance of her in the comics when she had the black wig. I can dig that for now.

    Lagoon Boy looks kind of a jerk, never really cared for the character, but I can keep an open mind about him. And kudos to Superboy keeping his cool around him, he did grow up a lot. Miss Martian, well I still don't know what to think of her and want to know more about the break up with Superboy and what exactly happened to both of them.

    Introducing Beast Boy and Blue Beetle were a nice touch, those two are going to be the comedic relief most of the time. Jaime arguing/talking to the suit and the others don't know what to make of it was priceless.

    The introduction of Bumblebee and Mal didn't do anything, guess they need to really develop those characters.

    All in all it was a great episode. YES, a lot things unanswered and that's a good thing, they can't tell us everything the very first episode.

    Young Justice is a well written and animated show, the best in quite a while so I hope they keep surprising us.
  • Disappointed with some character portrayals.

    It seems there is a deliberate bias and/or dislike on the part of the writers for characters like Tim Drake and Bart Allen (the latter wasn't even shown). As an avid comic reader for the last 30+ years it was disappointing to see Tim Drake's Robin portrayed as, well, a jerk with attitude when in fact he is completely opposite that in the comics. Determined, yes, but also highly intelligent and a strong sense of morals. I know this is an else-worlds type setting but this episode took a good comic book character and, in my personal opinion, made him into a weak character most won't even care about. It seemed that by downplaying Tim the writers were pumping up Dick's credentials even more by contrast which is lame since Dick is already one of the greatest DC characters.

    On the plus side, it was great to see Wonder Girl!!! Working with Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon was weird, though. The show, in general, is great but this is the problem with messing with character timelines for the DC fan who is in-the-know. It becomes harder to stay true to character events and histories.

    Nice to see Beast Boy and Blue Beetle! Loved their interaction. Lagoon Boy was an interesting one to showcase here, too. The poor character never gets any TV time (though the same can be said for Bart Allen, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and others.) Here's hoping these others will be introduced and shown in all their awesomeness and not just pawns to build up the superiority of the first season Young Justice team.

    She's finally here! That is after 5 years from season 1 finale. I kind of miss Artemis in this overrated season. There's a possibility that she has become Tigress for the past 5 years or less before year 2016. I mean, Greg Weisman did have an inspiration in creating her from the DC comics version of her. Anyway, hopefully Superboy will get an interaction in the future episodes since miss Martian is with Lagoon Boy in this episode. I just hope he won't be dumb enough to get the SAME girl twice.
  • Uh...Er....Um....SWEET!!!

    I had to wait a while to see what others would say about this HUGE turn of events and whach the episode about a hundred times. I think it was realy cool what they did!! It definitly left everyone, myself included, saying "WHAT THE HELL!!!" So many new questions and so many unansewred ones too!!! Yet another big ass surprise from this show lol!!! All I can say is keep up the good work!!! :-D

    Wth the introduction of the planet Rann are we going to see another Thanagarian invasion!?
  • Don't know what to think yet.

    I thought it was a good episode, but the 5 years skip in time left me lost. I have this feeling that when they fix everything in the future it will change everything in the past so they will go back to the present... kind of a new 52 thing. There is too much going on now and it might kill the show before they can explain it. Lets hope this doesn't happen.
  • review

    not the same when tim is robin boring :(
  • Drastic Upgrade/ Downgrade from season 1?

    I'm sure other fans now want an explanation on why some characters have appeared/disappeared or have been promoted or still stuck in the young crew. This was was a drastic change from the finale though. They should have slowly introduced the new characters throughout the season like Justice League Unlimited. But I do kinda like the idea of the Justice League characters getting a bit more involved. I was a big fan of the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited shows. Allows more dynamics between the characters.
  • Not Good, But Not Bad Either

    The episode in and of it's self was...different. I wasn't expecting a time skip.

    @ TerryMcGinnis, I hope it IS an alternate universe. I really hope it is.

    Now I would like to start with what I disliked about the episode:

    ~Missing members (Where is Kid Flash, Artemis, and Aqualad?)

    ~Superboy and Miss Martian aren't together! Seriously? After the the crap they went through!

    ~Tim is Robin. (Love him, yet hate him.)

    ~New members just aren't like the original...

    ~Megan's haircut

    Now what I LIKED about the episode:

    ~Nightwing (He looks older and has more muscle! :))

    ~Superboy has gloves. (I don't know why, but I think they add a bit to his personality.)

    ~Nightwing ISN'T a part of the Justice League

    Question's I want answered!:

    ~Where are the originals?

    ~Why did Superboy and Miss Martian break up?

    ~What does Aquaman's kid look like?

    ~Where is Clone!Roy and Real!Roy?

    ~Are Nightwing ans Zatanna a couple?

    ~If Tim is Robin, where is Jason? Did they follow a similar story-line like in Batman: Under the Red Hood?

    I'm giving this a shot and I hope I'm not disappointed like I was with other shows on CN.

  • Confusing...

    I was very confused when this episode started, right up until Batman spoke about "5 years ago." Then I realized this was the future. Lots of things don't make sense, however, such as MM and SB not still being together, missing members, etc. I'm hoping this is an alternate future caused by the "missing hours" and not some attempt by the network and creators to force lame, new characters our way and please little kids, ignoring the real fans. Only time will tell...
  • Happy 5 years Later!

    So where were Aqualan, Artemis, & Kid Flash???

    I think They will either go bk to normal settings half way into the season, OR wait thill season 3 & show us what led to it all...But I think they'll do it half way into season 2 more. EXCITING!!

    I DEF. think Artemis is Catherine, the girl w the black hair that greeted Zantana & Rocket @ the door. Then Gordan did a little bio on her. Her voice WAS Artimis, but was that just b/c? Like how sh does the computer voice too? I think not. I very much believe that WAS Artemis!

    So Robins 19, Superboy, Artemis & Kid flash would all be 21. Does SB not age? He looked pretty much the same!

    I like 19 year old Robin!

    And why did SB & Miss Martian break up? HE accepted her when she was white! And then she left him? I do NOT like her anymore!!

    However after seeing Rocket give Aqualad that kiss on the cheeck after everyone else was sucking face, very cute! What a lady! :)

    OMG !!! I think I saw LOIS LANE!!!

    When everyone was in the water one of the first people to pop up was a woman w black hair & looked like she could be a news reporter. AKA LOIS!

    I was like OMG That's Y Superman showed up! To get his lady!...but then everyone showed up..Flashback to Ep 1...If it IS Lois, I wonder is Superman can just take her & no one will notice?