Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 30, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Artemis Is The Greatest Heroine I've Ever Seen.

    Not all normal humans are useless when it comes to Robin and Artemis. After waiting for two agonizing episodes, this episode is even better as Artemis saved the day. Although I'm still annoyed by the way she talks, she was determined not to become a coward for she didn't want to be like her selfish sister. I'm looking forward to see more strong heroines in Young Justice for the next season.
  • The beggining qith Superboy & Miss. Marvel kissing was super awkword though! Like extremy so. That 5 secods was made even more awkord by the fact that thier mouths were not moving. Just open mouth-on-mouth scene....


    This episode was interesting. The beginning with Superboy & Miss. Marvel kissing was super awkward though! Like extremely so. That 5 seconds was made even more awkward by the fact that their mouths were not moving. Just open mouth-on-mouth scene. Tongue wrestling??

    Anyways $HIT hit the fan when the only two without powers were conveniently away doing stuff & were then almost drowned/set on fire a bunch of times. :S

    Luckily for everyone involved Artemis broke down only to reveal who her sister is (Shocker!) then get herself back together and save them ALL!

    ALSO is was funny that Superman showed up to help out and made sure our Fav blonde was fine. Didn't at all acknowledge Superboy. Nope. He left him stuck in rock while everyone tried to figure out how to free him & flash. It's funny how he cares for everyone else in the whole word-except Superboy

  • Good episode


    Amazing episode. Things start out with superboy and miss martian making out. Then we cut to the scene where we have no idea on what is going on. They are just getting attacked randomly. Then we see Aqualad trying to find out who the snitch is and then they get attacked. At first i have to be honest i thought it was Aqualad who was attacking Robin and Artemis since the water attacked looked like his. But i was wrong. And boy o boy i wasnt expecting Red Tornado to just get mind controled so fast and then just disappear... Wasnt Expecting that..

  • Awesome episode, action packed and intense, I thought Artemis would be more reactive when the team discussed her loyalty but it was great over all with added look of Robin and Artemis in school. The end was a bit sudden but I ended up wanting more & more


    Great episode again, Robin looked so prep-ish with fancy cloths and smooth hair, we got a bit more info on Artemis's background, especially about her sister. Although the end was kind of strange with Red Tornedo disappearing. All the action was wonderful I loved it, especially the focus on the non-superpower members

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