Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 21, 2011 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

At a secret lab at Yellowstone National Park, criminal scientist T.O. Morrow disassembles the captured Red Tornado while the android's "family," Red Torpedo and Red Inferno, silently look on.

At Mount Justice, Captain Marvel serves the injured Kid Flash while the other team members spar with each other under Black Canary's supervision. Zatara arrives by teleporter and grants access to his daughter, the teenage Zatanna. Robin is thrilled to introduce himself and the others welcome her. When they wonder if she's visiting the team, Zatara says that it's just a visit. The team telepathically links and wonders why the League is keeping them under such strict supervision, and worry about how Red Tornado betrayed them. Zatanna realizes they're talking psychically and the team finally asks Black Canary what's going on. She explains that the League is tracking the android down and orders them not to pursue the matter. Zatara suggests that the team give his daughter a tour of the cave and Superboy asks Captain Marvel to take Wolf outside for some exercise.

Once the team is alone, they vow to hunt down Red Tornado. Intrigued and bored, Zatanna suggests that they "kidnap" her to take her along so she won't say anything to the League. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel plays fetch with Wolf without success.

Young Justice departs in the bioship and Black Canary contacts them to ask what is happening. Miss Martian says that they're going to show Zatanna the nearby town. Meanwhile, Robin figures that since Batman would have pursued any logical solution, they need an illogical solution. Everyone turns to kid Flash, who has an idea.

In his lab, Morrow and his lab assistant finish downloading Red Tornado's memory banks. As Morrow works, he explains how he first created Red Torpedo to emulate humanity and infiltrate the Justice Society of America. When the android proved unsuccessful because it wasn't human enough, Morrow created the Firebrand android, but she was destroyed while working as a hero. Finally he created Red Tornado, but his heroic programming led him to betray his creator.

Young Justice get five minutes from Hugo Strange, warden of Belle Reve, to talk to Professor Ivo. Kid Flash figured that as Morrow's competitor, Ivo would know the most about his rival's location. Ivo refuses to help and telepathic safeguards against Miss Martian. However Zatanna casts a spell and Ivo immediately tells them where Morrow can be found at Yellowstone. Hugo Strange watches the exchange on the security cameras.

Morrow finishes downloading Red Tornado's memory banks and places them into his newest android creation: Red Volcano. This time Morrow plans to send the android to attack the Justice League directly. When Red Volcano activates, the first thing he does is attack his "father," destroying the remote and then ripping off Morrow's arms. However, he realizes that "Morrow" is actually an android. Red Volcano realizes that just as Morrow said, humans are annoying.

Young Justice realizes that the League will soon know of their visit to Ivo and Aqualad orders a communication blackout. Zatanna explains that her magic takes time and energy, and she's nowhere on her father's level of power. An angry Superboy is ready to demolish Red Tornado for his betrayal, but Aqualad says that their mentor deserves a chance to defend himself. The team leader points out that the android deserves a chance to prove he's more than a weapon, reminding Superboy of his own origins.

Red Volcano tells his "family" that he has all of their memories and plans to carry out Morrow's plan to activate a dormant volcano beneath Yellowstone. It can be activated in three stages, destroying most of humanity and allow them to build an army to conquer the rest. Ivo calls to warn Morrow that Young Justice has learned of his location and are on their way without the League's knowledge.

The team lands at Yellowstone and goes into stealth mode, and Aqualad suggests that Zatanna stay behind. She refuses and summons her own costume, and the team move into the woods. Red Volcano monitors their approach and orders Red Tornado to prove himself by destroying them.

As Robin locates the base, Red Tornado arrives and unleashes a barrage of winds at them. He doesn't respond to them and Superboy throws Aqualad at Red Tornado. He easily knocks him back and deflects Artemis' arrows. Kid Flash tries to match him tornado for tornado while Miss Martian launches a rear attack, but the android repels them both. Finally he chokes Zatanna unconscious before she can speak a spell.

Red Volcano arrives and congratulates his "brother," but says that he knows it was merely a performance because he has all of Red Tornado's memories. He reveals that Red Tornado secretly told Young Justice to play dead, and the team attacks Red Volcano. Red Tornado flies away and Miss Martian refuses to believe he would betray them again. Red Volcano is able to repel the other's attacks, knowing everything that Red Tornado does. However, Zatanna unleashes a spell, pointing out that Red Tornado never knew her. Red Volcano responds by unleashing the power of the volcano.

In Morrow's base, Red Tornado tells his fellow androids that they must stop Red Volcano. They wonder why they should when they are no longer human, and he says that they were always heroes.

Red Volcano begins the second stage of the eruption and the heroes try to hit him from all sides. The android anticipates their every move, but Zatanna creates an illusion of multiple Kid Flashes to let him get close enough to rescue Miss Martian. A column of water from a geyser strikes Reed Volcano, but Aqualad points out that it was Red Torpedo. Red Tornado and his family attack Red Volcano. Red Inferno and Red Torpedo hold Red Volcano within the lava flow, sacrificing themselves to destroy him.

Red Tornado begins to sink into the lava as well, but Superboy rescues him just in time. Kid flash warns that they need to vent the pressure and only Red Tornado can do it in time. Despite his damage, Red Tornado soars into the sky and uses his power to redirect the ash cloud out of the atmosphere and into space.

Young Justice uses Morrow's lab to repair Red Tornado, who insists that his brother and sister were the true heroes. The android explains that he left to protect the team from further attack and to find his creator. When Superboy asks why he volunteered to help them, Red Tornado explains that he was the logical choice because he has no second life. They suggest that he wanted to become more human by learning from Young Justice rather than the League, and Red Tornado admits that has come to care about them all.

Later, Red Tornado tracks down his elderly, dying "father" and promises the assistant that he will care for him... because it's the human thing to do.

As Young Justice returns to base, Robin hopes that Zatanna had a good kidnapping and she admits that she hopes it's the first of many. Meanwhile, Zatara finds out and vows that his daughter will never be a member of Young Justice, and Captain Marvel wonders if they're coming out to play.



Zatanna first appeared in Hawkman #4 (Oct-Nov 1964), and was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. She is the daughter of the Golden Age hero Zatara (who himself premiered in Action Comics #1 along with a certain Man of Steel...). Like her father, Zatanna can invoke almost any magical effect by concentrating and saying backward what she wishes to accomplish. She originally went to various Justice League members seeking their aid in finding her missing father - eventually they all joined together and she succeeded in her quest. A gifted stage performer, Zatanna originally wore her stage costume when superheroing, but later went through a variety of costume designs. Her powers have waxed and waned over the years--lost on occasion or simply badly written. She has been an on-again/off-again member of the Justice League and is also a member of the Sentinels of Magic, the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and Justice League Dark.