Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 1

Independence Day (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 26, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • A Good Start

    Great start to a new series - it's like a mix of Teen Titans and the Justice League. Brings back childhood memories. Solid action sequences, good character development, and an interesting initial plot line. Looking forward to seeing what will happen next.
  • COOL! This is just the beginning.

    This show is excellent! Well-drawn characters, stunning action scenes and a surprising storyline for the pilot episode. I've to agree that Superboy is a breakout star. If only he were real and get this award in maybe Teen Choice Awards. Apparently, teens these days are into supernatural live-action shows. Where are the fans of cartoon shows? Hope I'm not spoiling the mood of writing this first review of Young Justice. It's been a while that I thought it isn't necessary to write a review of the episodes of a cartoon show, but I'm intrigued by this show. Gotta show my enthusisasm more when writing on episodes of season 2.
  • Very good start to a good series. To me this series will be like a combination of the Teen Titans and the Justice League series. I am glad that they will have both the side kicks and main heros in this series.

    Very good start to a good series. To me this series will be like a combination of the Teen Titans and the Justice League series. I am glad that they will have both the side kicks and main heros in this series. Helping each other out and not just focus either on the side kicks or the Justice League. With Project Cadmus involeved it brings back old memories from the Justice League series. Instead of cloning Supergirl like they did in Justice League we get a new superhero: Superboy. I am very excited to see how this series will play out.
  • Good, but not what I expected...

    When I first heard about this show, I thought that it was going to be the next best thing since JL/JLU. Especially with GREG FREAKIN' WEISMAN attached to it. Frankly, I was 'underwhelmed'. The action was lacking, the producers chose all of the WRONG people to be voice actors, I hated the new J'onn J'onzz design (seriously, why can't people stick with what he looked like in JL/JLU? Everyone seems to be using this for his new design), and the plot was insufficient. Make no mistake, the action and intrigue were still just about as cuttng edge as you can get, but it just wasn't what I was expecting after all of the buildup and the hype and the secretiveness of the project (and the fact that Greg Weisman- the designer of W.I.T.C., Spectacular Spider-man, and Gargoyles- was attached and at the helm). The Cadmus thing seemed a little overrated and the fact that they were making a Superman clone was kind of, I don't know, expected, obvious, overused. Be realistic. Almost every premier episode of a show whose base is in the DC universe in some way involves Superman. I kind of expected him (or in this case, an illigitimate clone of him) to be central to the plot line. Overall, good episode, but it could stand some work.
  • Good Start!

    So, the first episode/two parter was very good. A little bland at times, but overall, the action is very impressing. Aqualad is much cooler than in Teen Titans: Animated Series. Him being leader is a little weird, but new and refreshing I guess. Robin's voice is so-so, he needs to sound more...Robin-ish. Kid Flash is amazing in speed as usual. I did feel he did virtually no fighting. Superboy is super cool! I love his angst. His powers too. Speedy, was just so...I can't even find the right words. I do feel the Leauge completely dismissed the kid's potential. The whole time I have to admit that I was waiting for the girls to come in. Miss Martian seems sweet and nice. The ending scene was really funny. I would like to see her and Superboy together.
  • Justice League unveils their home to Robin, Aqualad, Kidflash, and Speedy, but they disappoint them when they find out they went be members. The young recruits decide to make a statement that they are ready by discovering and exposing a secret project.

    Exciting pilot, lived up to the hype. I like it because despite the young audience and characters that they are appealing to, the story lines are very mature and doesn't treat the audience like kids.

    We've seen the characters before over and over again, so it's interesting how a show like this reuses and writes stories for comic book characters.

    The young recruits are basically snubbed by the Justice League team in being honorary members. The recruits feel they are ready, but it will be ages before Batman, Superman, and others will accept them, so they take the initiative and hack the Justice League computer uncovering a secret project.

    They stumble upon a project involving genetic geonome beings who are using Superman's Dna to clone him and possibly clone the Justice League.

    This episode was very well done, lots of actions, the character actions are pretty mature, we still have a few jokes here and there, but the tone is serious. They laid the groundwork as well for new stories as well. I am sure we ain't see the last of Cadmus and The Light. Overall this was a strong pilot for the new series. If you are a comic book lover, it's another must see series.