Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 11, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Nice introduction of Artemis!

    I was looking forward to having another female member on the team - Artemis's fierceness and fiery attitude juxtapose Miss Martian's personality well. The action in this episode was solid and I enjoyed everything as a whole, even if nothing exactly blew my mind.
  • I really don't like how they made Wally a kid and making him go to school. It just doesn't seem right. Thats one of the only problems i have with this show. But why is Speedy so moody? I mean he was the one who quit and went solo. So of course

    Green Arrow would try to get a new student: Artemis. Yes another character from the teen Titan Series. I am glad they put Cheshire as one of the Young Justice rouge gallery lineup because we never really got to see her in the Teen Titans Serious. I am starting to notice a pattern of switching between Justice League and Teen Titan series characters. The first episode was a new character, the second character was Amazo from Justice League, and now Cheshire from Teen Titans. But i have to say i dont like how they went the way of Marvel and made everyone a kid. Aqualad and Robin i can understand but Kid Flash as Wally? I wouldnt mind it as much if it were the same Kid Flash from Teen Titans.
  • Hope I won't see this Dr. Roquette EVER!

    Sure she is IMPORTANT to the League of Shadows but she kind of annoys me with her impatience and judgemental toward the teenage heroes. I'm beginning to see that Artemis is the heroine type that's feisty and she sometimes a daredevil Definitely I want her alive in Invasion!
  • Awesome Episode!

    I loved this episode. I've been waiting forever to see her. She is really bold, thinking "Emm..That boy"! Miss Martian was supa jealous! I don't think Artemis will be with Superboy anyway, in fact, the episode kinda hinted at Kid Flash/Artemis.

    The action was amazing as usual. I wish Artemis would have made some of her shots with the arrow and bow though. Kid Flash was pretty impressive in comabat for a guy who just uses super speed. They were really mean to Artemis. Speedy basically threatened her at the end. I'm excited to see where Artemis's dark past leads.