Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 02, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On Warworld, Mongul and Black Beetle fight to a standstill. Green Beetle finally arrives and joins forces with his counterpart to knock Mongul back into a stasis cell and reimprison him. They then search for the crystal key only to discover that an unidentified party has stolen it. The Beetles realize that they have to guard the key chamber, although the League is stationed inside. As they set their soldiers up around the perimeter, Black Beetle complains that the Reach Ambassador refuses to confront the League directly.

At Bludhaven, Nightwing and Miss Martian return with their rescued teammates. As Impulse argues that they need to help Blue Beetle, a newscast comes on about how Blue Beetle is receiving the International Medal of Valor for saving Earth. When Robin complains that they're honoring a teammate, Impulse points out that Jaime is being controlled by The Reach through their scarab.

In Metropolis, Blue Beetle takes on Toyman, who is robbing a bank using a giant toy soldier robot. Blue Beetle easily defeats him, although some of the crowd is unhappy with him given the recent revelations about The Reach's hidden battle fleet. Reporter Cat Grant interviews Blue Beetle, unaware that he's being controlled through the scarab by the Reach Ambassador. The Ambassador speaks for Blue Beetle, praising The Reach, while the Scientist complains to him that they're lucky most of Earth's populace is still on their side given their recent exposure. The Ambassador irritably tells her that she worries too much and then responds to Cat, assuring her that he has no concern that the heroes of Earth are keeping him under scrutiny. As the interview continues, Batgirl and Impulse watch from the shadows.

Miss Martian travels to Poseidonis to meet with Lagoon Boy. She wants to accompany him home after he recovers from his recent injuries, and says that they need to talk.

When Blue Beetle returns to El Paso, Batgirl and Impulse attack him in the empty street. Impulse manages to stun the scarab and Batgirl uses knockout gas, but the scarab armor protects Jaime. Blue Beetle nails both heroes to the nearby walls and the Ambassador orders the scarab to kill them since there are no witnesses. Jaime tries to convince the scarab to disobey, but it refuses. However, Rocket arrives and seals Blue Beetle within a containment field. The scarab tells the Ambassador and the Scientist that Rocket is using Cooperative technology to turn its kinetic force against itself. As the scarab tries to blast free, Zatanna bolsters the force field with her magic, and Jaime realizes that Impulse and Batgirl were a distraction and Rocket and Zatanna were the real threat. The scarab informs the Ambassador that it has no known countermeasure against a combination of containment technology and magic.

Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy fly back in her bioship and Lagoon Boy complains that Miss Martian is dumping him. She explains that she only got together with him because he made her feel better, and Lagoon Boy insists that it's become much more than that. Miss Martian sadly says that their relationship will never become anything more, insisting that it's about her, and tells Lagoon Boy that he deserves more than that.

The four heroes fly Blue Beetle to the country of Bialya and enter the hidden base where The Reach was keeping their test subjects. Queen Bee's soldiers attack them and Zatanna and Impulse easily defeat them. Queen Bee's personal cadre of villains--Devastation, Shimmer, and Mammoth--attack and the heroes take them down, protecting Rocket as she maintains the containment field. The heroes go to a temple chamber with walls covered in scarab imagery. Focusing all of her magic, Zatanna casts a new spell. Meanwhile, the Ambassador sends Green Beetle to stop the heroes. Sphere and the other Young Justice members join in, protecting Rocket and Zatanna. They manage to drive Green Beetle back using flames, and the Scientist advises the Ambassador to send Black Beetle in to protect their asset. The Ambassador insists that he can handle the heroes on his own.

As Green Beetle renews his attack, Zatanna finishes her spell. A small scarab on the wall detaches itself and lands on Zatanna's forehead, and an image of the goddess Isis appears behind the sorceress. Isis recreates the temple, which glows with energy. Blue Beetle is at the center of the energy release. When Green Beetle attacks Zatanna, Impulse uses Wonder Girl's lasso to snare the Martian and throw him at Blue Beetle. The energy strikes them both at the same time, cutting off the Ambassador's signal. When the Scientist complains, the Ambassador tells her not to say another word.

The goddess disappears and Zatanna casts one last spell. Jaime and B'ars are restored to normal and they confirm that neither one of their scarabs are influenced by The Reach. Jaime thanks Zatanna for his help and his scarab informs him that it prefers partnership with Jaime to slavery with the Reach. As Queen Bee's troops rally, the heroes quickly escape.

As the team flies back to Bludhaven, Batgirl explains that she saw the temple during their previous assault to free the captives. Dr. Fate translated the hieroglyphs and had to teach Zatanna the spell since it was human magic. The ancient Bialyans developed a ritual to cleanse a human of the scarab's influence, and used it 4,000 years ago to take Jaime's scarab offline when it arrived on Earth. Robin and Batgirl checked and discovered that an archaeologist, Dan Garrett, discovered the temple in 1939 and used the scarab to become a superhero, the first Blue Beetle. He left the scarab to his protégé, Ted Kord, who discovered that it was alien technology rather than a mystic artifact. He locked it away but became the second Blue Beetle using his own high-tech devices. The Light killed him trying to take the scarab, and Jaime found the scarab outside of Kord Industries. The team concealed the information from Blue Beetle so that The Reach wouldn't learn about it through the scarab.

Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy arrive at the Bludhaven warehouse. Lagoon Boy storms off while Nightwing tells Miss Martian that Blue Beetle is free of The Reach's influence. Miss Martian asks where Superboy is and is disappointed to learn that he went on a date with Wendy Harris.

In Bialya, Queen Bee congratulates her team on playing their parts and throwing the fight to the heroes, and assures them that now The Light's plans can proceed as planned.