Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 02, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • Blue Bettle flying high again.

    Well sadly this is one of the last three episodes but this one was a really good one, let alone the fact it was another one written by Peter David. There's not really much to this, this was pritty much a slug fest that was a long time coming. I like how each of the team members in the mission are contrubuting it also shows how hard it would be to take him on one on one because the scarb thinks like a good chess player, observes his opponents moves carfully and comes up with counterattacks or defensive measure before offence makes it's common attack.

    One of the highlights is the fact Zantana is back whom I've been sorely missing. She's one of my favorate DC superheoines that I personally think is underrated let alone needs a series of her own. I love the fact she is one that is invested in the mystic arts and there really aren't that many superheroes I know that do magic in the DC universe except for Dr. Fate and John Constintine (he needs another movie or animated show of his own). But of course we then see them having to escort Blue to some ancient temple where the Scarb was first discovered. There is a decent fight with Queen Bee's flunkes whom I'll admit just came out of nowhere, but we get another round against Blue and Green. That second round I thought was solid because both Blue and Green weren't getting the upper hand, it just goes to show being a one man army isn't always enough. There there is also that underlying conflict between technology and mystisism going on as well. And of course Zantana cures both Blue and Green of the Reach's control.

    I even liked how Impulse reveals his real purpose to going back to the past wasn't to kill Blue Bettle even though it was a last resort option. But it was to really make sure Blue stayed on the right path which I felt was the best option. Also in the end as they told about the origins of the scarpe they were referencing the two versions of Blue Bettle, I felt that was respectable because it honors how far this superhero has came in the DC Universe. And on a sidenote I like Blue Bettle I personally think he's underrated in the DC universe because he's a hero that deals in science and technology which is also something not tackled much with superheroes or at least not highly except for Iron Man (no supprise) and anime/manga superhero The Guyver (whom both superhero and storywise is uncanily similar);

    sure he's not one of my favorates but as time goes on he could be.

    And of course I like that little subplot with Megann breaking up with Lagoon. I only have one word to say to that YES! Lets face it there was no love happened with those, I really liked that little speach Megann gave Lagoon about her reasons, and she's right she's been wrecking her life, from her addiction to her evolving powers and hooking up with Lagoon just to get something that wasn't there to begin with. So yeah the good news is she did the right thing, but then there's the bad news Megann did the right thing too late because we see Conor's gone out on a date with Wendy (for the record she's a nice girl but yeah no Megann). I'll admit this made me feel a little sad for Megann, but like I said a little because Megann knew what the right thing to do was, she had her time and chances, and she blew them and when you do that you get no reward and that's a fact.

    Hopefully by the final episode both of them will get back together, I really miss the chemestry between them and I'm bored of their apart time, apart time sucks. But there are no gurentees since everthing is coming down to the final quarter of the game, so it's eather both make a touchdown together or not. Well, that's all I have to say until next time.
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